Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Let's Make Cards - Issue 56

Sooooo, my copy has finally arrived.  I'm starting to question the point of being a subscriber if I don't get the actual magazine until a week after I could have gone and bought it in the shops.  I know it’s not the fault of Aceville, who publish the magazine, but rather the fault of Royal Mail, who seem to like to send my post to Timbuktu, or wherever they send it, as that is now three parcels in the last month that have gone 'missing'.  I'm starting to question the integrity of my postman (especially as my bank statements have a habit of going missing too - unlucky for him, there's never any money in there . . . mwahahahaha).  Anyway, I have tried to complain to Royal Mail and they couldn't care less.  Problem is - it's not like I have any other option but to use them to delivery (or rather not deliver) my post.

Anyway, rant over, shall we move onto this month's issue of Let's Make Cards.

I will warn you in advance, I am not feeling too inspired this week.  I'm not sure if it is because of all the bags I've been making, or if I have been making the bags due to my total lack of inspiration.  I'm writing this on Friday for publication Monday, so let's hope I have a restful weekend and my creativity and inspiration returns.  My bags are now done at least, so I can't really blame them now.

So, issue 56 comes with a free Traditional Christmas cardmaking kit, which includes:

·         a Christmas tree stamp - I think this is cute and could prove very useful for when I finally get around to making some cards;
·         backing papers
·         chipboards
·         die cuts
·         lettering
·         gems
·         border strips
·         sequins
·         card blanks
·         mini pegs
·         raffia and
·         metallic fringing.

I've not had chance to make anything at the time of writing this, or it could be that I just can't be bothered.  Sounds awful I know  I'm hoping that I just need some sleep.

As always, there are the usual cards made using just your kit.  I actually quite like Festive Hearts, and may attempt to make my own version of this.

There is a quite helpful feature in the right pen for the job, with some goodies for you to win.  It doesn't really review them, but it is handy to know what's available out there.

I could be quite inspired by the Crafters' Guide to Making Cards with Watercolours feature.  I've never considered myself much of an artist, but I do like the idea of watercolour pencils and the effects you can get with them.  They are relatively cheap to buy so I may treat myself and have a go.  There is lots of advice in this feature about which brushes, paints and techniques are best.

4 Cards Using Tonic Studios Punches could inspire me to actually buy the Tonic Studios Border Punch system.  The Christmas set is only £19.99 - much cheaper than I though and includes 4 punches, and the cards in this feature have given me inspiration.

12 Crafts of Christmas has lots of crafting goodies for your cards, or just for you. I particularly like the fircone inspired cupcakes - they look like they are made with chocolate buttons and apparently there is a demo on, so I may just watch that and have a go at these.

My favourite card from the whole magazine is not in fact from one of the features, but from the Ask the Experts section, which this issue discusses marbling.  The marbled Christmas trees look amazing.  I am now wondering where I can get some marbling inks from so I can have a go at this in time to enter the 'Lees is More' challenge this week, as I've had an idea.  A hobbycraft trip may be in order.  I can't wait for the one to open in Guiseley at the end of the month - it will make my life so much easier, but in the meantime, it means trailing to the other side of Leeds.

Corinne Bradd's Card School has a retro-looking stitched card, which I would like to attempts.  I just need to find some mini coloured safety pins now.  Any suggestions anyone?

Other projects in this issue include:

·         Kinetic cards;
·         Origami cards;
·         Cards made using PLUS decoration pens
·         Decoupage cards
·         Designs using the free tree stamp
·         Cards made using raffia and pegs

The How Tos in this issue include:

·         how to make a shaker card
·         4 ways to use water colour pencils
·         how to make an origami xmas tree
·         how to make patterned hearts
·         how to make a decoupage card
·         how to use Tonic Studios' border punch system
·         how to papercut a holly design
·         how to add sparkle stitches
·         how to make a cracker blank

The giveaways this issue are:

·         Stampin'Up! Dual Pens
·         Staedtler Triplus Colour Fibre Tips
·         Kaisercraft Calendars
·         Book: Poems for Greetings, Gifts and Keepsakes by Tracey Ann Prior;
·         Fiskars pinking shears
·         Lampshade kit from Elephant in my Handbag
·         Stampin' Up! stamp sets.

Anyway, I apologise that this has probably not been the most inspirational review, but I am just that side out at the moment.   There are some good cards and techniques in this magazine, and as always, buy it just for the kit if nothing else.

I promise you I will cheer up soon.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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