Thursday, 29 November 2012

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 42 (December 2012)

Soooo, there are loads of Christmas-inspired projects in this month's Sew.

It didn't come with the usual free gift, but instead a copy of the new Homemaker mag, which I had intended to also review, but I lent it to someone at work and it is has now disappeared.  This always seems to happen and I swear that I will never lend anything out ever again, but I have an inability to say no, so again I lend my things out.  This is how I have managed to lose my most precious of DVDs - The Sound of Music - and I will cry about that forever.

Anyway, as usual, I digress to much.  Back to the magazine:

There are loads of great projects in this issue, and one of my favourites has to be the little girl's dress and cape set.  This is for ages 3 to 8, so I could make one each for my nieces - I just have to find the time.  These are good because they are easily adaptable and are in fact no pattern projects.  Just change up the colours for the time of year.

Something else I might have to make, although more for my cousin's little girl, Molly, as the nieces are too old (maybe) is the cutest fairy outfit, which consists of a netting skirt and a little star wand.  The instructions in the magazine are for a skirt to fit 18 to 36 months, but I'm sure it would be adaptable to fit the 5 and 7 year old nieces.  It is just so cute and the instructions are so simple and clear I hope this would be a doddle.

I also love the embroidered stockings.  Unfortunately, I do not have time to make them this year, but maybe if I start my Christmas crafting in March next year I will find time to do these then.  These are super pretty, and although the examples in the magazine are made using non-traditional colours, so I think they look a bit strange, changing the colour scheme would be no problem whatsoever to make them look a bit more traditional.

I also like the Christmas cake band.  Admittedly, something like this would never be needed in my house, as my big sister is cake decorator extraordinaire (even if she won't make me a sugarplum fairy castle cake), so all our cakes are always marvellously decorated.  But, I think something like this could be a good little seller at Christmas craft fairs next year.  Again, I will start these in March, and I might have some done by Christmas.  I would have to get practising my embroidery first.

Other projects include:

·         a bolero jacket made with only 1 metre of fabric (including the lining and a little corsage)
·         a sewing kit designed by Poppy Treffry
·         Tilda snowmen
·         a padded headboard
·         beaded hanging decorations
·         tea and egg cosies
·         bird tree decorations
·         a Cath Kidston snowy cottage decoration
·         fabric wristbands
·         the cutest (read: evillest) hat mittens and booties set for baby's first Christmas

In addition, Dressmaking SOS! has advice on shirring (I've tried this technique - it's actually really easy), adding frills, pockets and straps.  There are also quick tutorials on how to make a fur stole, screen printing, block printing bespoke napkins

The giveaways (always important) this issue are:

·         tickets to The Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts Show in Manchester;
·         book, 100 Years of Fashion
·         a screen printing starter set
·         sewing machine, Elna Experience 660

Finally, there are interviews with Poppy Treffry and Viv Burnham, together with features on landscape quilting (truly an art form) and branding your crafty business.

Sorry that, as usual, this comes a week or two after the magazine has hit the shops.  I will subscribe one day, but I am waiting for a good subscription offer.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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