Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ribbon Trees

Soooo, this idea came from a recent issue of Cardmaking & Papercraft, and it is the first Christmas decoration I have made.

Unusually for a papercrafting magazine, this project did not use any card or paper, but instead just ribbon, thread and beads:

The technique for this is very simple.  

You will need:  

a length of ribbon
a length of embroidery thread

  1. Start by threading a needle with embroidery thread, the tying a knot in the end.  
  2. Thread a bead down to the knot and then thread through the ribbon.  You will be working from the bottom up.
  3. Thread another bead onto the embroidery thread down to the ribbon.  
  4. Folding the ribbon as shown in the picture, thread the embroidery thread through the ribbon.  Keep repeating this, making the folded lengths shorter each time until you reach the top.  
  5. Thread a bead on to the embroidery thread and then thread the needle and embroidery thread back down through the ribbon and each bead (not the top one) until  you reach the bottom.  
  6. Tie off and cut the embroidery thread to form a small tassel.
This can be adapted and personalised by using different colours and styles of beads, ribbon and thread.  I have got some jingle bells to add to the bottom of the next few I make.  

This is a good project to get the older kids involved in too.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Hi Holly! It is so wonderful to see that you liked the ribbon tree I made as part of my 10 ideas for Christmas Decorations feature in issue 110 of the mag enough to make some of your own! This is brilliant! I love the gold ribbon you've used. Hugs, Simonne x


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