Thursday, 22 November 2012

Winning Lilis

Soooo, I read the Lili of the Valley Ideas to Inspire blog religiously (every day) and if you comment on a post, you get entered into a monthly prize draw to win a £25 Lili of the Valley voucher.  Naturally, I leave loads of comments, and last month I was the winner of the voucher . . . woo!

I think I found out I was the winner on the way to work and by lunchtime that day I had already placed my order.  My goodies arrived a few days later and here they are:

I’d ordered all the new release stamps as they were on offer, together with the Baby’s First Christmas Stamp and some decorative corner stamps.  All I had to do now was make some cards.

The day they arrived through the post, I don’t think I had got home until after nine o’clock that night, which is way past my bedtime at the moment, so I had to wait until the next day to be able to play with them.

On a piece of white card I stamped each image – the mermaid stamps I stamped in black, as I also did with the Baby’s First Christmas stamp, and the fairy stamps I stamped in grey, as it gives a totally different feel to the image.  

I was going through one of my ‘I am feeling totally uncreative’ stages so instead of making these straight into cards, I decided to colour the images in first.  I do this sometimes hoping inspiration will strike.

I coloured using a different mediums, as I don’t like to get bored.  This one I coloured using promakers:

The Promarkers used on this one image!
As you can see, I decided to practice my blending techniques, as I had seen a few ideas on the LOTV Ideas to Inspire blog where the mermaids were two or more different colours.  Unfortunately, I had stamped this using pigment ink, and despite thinking that it had fully dried, it clearly had not, so the ink smudged a bit during colouring.  The same happened with the Baby’s First Christmas stamp, so I have learnt my lesson and bought some black Versamark ink.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent again haven’t I?

To finish this image, I coloured the background using a light blue colouring pencil.  I think this would have looked great if I’d used watercolour pencils, so I think that may be my next investment.  I’ve not used this to make a card yet.

As mentioned above, I also coloured in the Baby’s First Christmas image using promarkers.  I have already blogged about this one ( so I won’t bore you with details again, but as you can see, this one smudged a bit too.

The other single mermaid image I decided to colour using my distress inks.  This is a technique I love and one that I have also picked up from LOTV’s Ideas to Inspire blog – I think they put up a tutorial a while back, and I have been addicted to this technique ever since.  

I was very excited that this one didn’t smudge, so I’m not sure if it is something in the promarkers that doesn’t like pigment ink that makes it smudge.  I also practised my blending a little on this one, but it was one colour blending.

This one I decided to make into a card.  Originally, I thought it might do as a birthday card for my niece, but I’m not sure about the finished card at all.  

With this one, I decided to make the background paper myself using broken china distress ink and white paper.  I rubbed the distress ink all over the paper and then just left it to dry overnight.  I do think that this does give a sea-like quality to the paper, and might actually be my favourite bit of the card.

In my stash I found some Tilda fabric patches which I has received as a subscription gift when I subscribed to Simply Homemade a while ago, and I had put them away and forgotten about them.  So when I found them again, I was determined to use at least one.  So, I die-cut a scalloped circle using my Spellbinders Nestabilities.  From the remaining fabric, I also die cut a flourish, as I thought this might look a bit like seaweed – or pass for it at any rate.  

I think it was in the composition of this card that it all started to go wrong – I think I made it too fussy.

I attached the scalloped circle to the top right hand corner of the card and then attached the mermaid image (having already cut it out.  I’d also cut out some of the seahorses from the image).  I then stamped a ‘Happy Birthday’ in dusty concord distress ink and drew round this with stickles glitter glue.  

I also cut out some of the orange dots from the fabric, stuck these randomly to the card and covered them in glitter glue also.  I swear I’m like a little girl with glitter sometimes – you can never have enough.

I attached the ‘seaweed’ to the bottom of the card and hit a seahorse behind it.  I think the seahorse would stand out better if it was brighter colours and maybe not blue, and I also glued another seahorse near the mermaid.

To finish the card, I added some greeny-blue rhinestones and a pink ribbon.  I also added some glitter glue to the mermaid’s ‘wings’.

I’m still not sure about this card and the more I look at it the less sure I am, but what is done is done.

The final mermaid image I coloured again using promarkers.  This one didn’t smudge as much, but I had left it a couple of days to dry. Again, I practised my blending techniques.

This is the card I made with this image:

I used a blue card blank and printed off some blue spotty paper and some turquoise.  I also decided to pick out the orange I had coloured the starfish by using some orange handmade paper.  This has a straw-like texture which for some reason screamed sea-side to me, so I decided to use it.  Both this and the spotty paper were attached at my usual jaunty angle, after I had covered the card front with the turquoise paper.  I then cut the coloured image out and attached this to the front of the card.  I added some blue twine (which I thought I had lost – I was so happy to find it again) and where these cross over I fixed a browny-orange gem.

I then printed out the sentiment in blue ink and attached this to some of the orange paper and attached this to the bottom of the card.  To finish I used sequins in various shades of orange and glued these around the image, with a cluster in the corner.

With the fairy images, I coloured one in promarkers and one with distress inks.  

I coloured the Fairy and Bumblebee image mostly with promarkers and attempted to practice my shading on the skirt – not too bad I don’t think, but not too successful either.  I think I ruined this image however by having the bright idea of trying to make the wings silver.  I used a silver marker pen and didn’t realise quite how dark it was and in this photo they just look grey rather than the shiny I was going for.  For this reason, I haven’t turned this image into a card yet.

The other fairy, Fairy with Dove, I coloured using distress inks.  Again, I have already blogged about this one ( so I won’t bore you with the details.

I’ve also been making more cards using these amazing products, but I will blog about them separately.  They are quite possibly the best prize I have won in a while, if ever, and I will be getting plenty of use out of them.

Thank you LOTV.

Happy Crafting!


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