Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Beautiful Bathtime

Sooooo, this will just be a quick post today, but I just wanted to show you the Christmas present I have made for my grandma:

What is it you may ask?  People have asked.

It is bath pillow I will tell you!

My Grandma had a bath pillow bought for her a while ago, but she complains that it is made of towelling and that she would really like a waterproof one.  I did suggest that she gets one of the blow-up plastic ones, but apparently that is not good enough.  Although, knowing my Grandma, she wouldn’t like to pay out for one . . .

Anyway, I had some left over oilcloth from making one of my many bags.  There wasn’t enough to turn it into a little lunch bag, and as it was a perfect rectangle inspiration struck that I could make it into a bath pillow for the Grandmama.

My main concern was that water would be able to get in and soak the stuffing, which is just toy stuffing, but I think I have sewn with small enough stitches and enough lines of stitching to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Just to be extra sure, I sewed the pillow inside out first, and the turned it right side out and stitched another line around the edge to give it the ‘oxford’ pillow look, and I hope it also makes it a bit more watertight.

We shall see I suppose when Grandma first uses it.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


1 comment:

  1. Great idea, I'm sure your Grandma will love it.


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