Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Sooo, this will probably be my last post until the new year, as it is about to get busy for me.  Not only is it my birthday today (the grand old age of 27), but we have Christmas tomorrow, and Christmas is a huuuge event in my family and lasts for days.  

This year it shall be spent at my sisters and I am on soup and sauce duty.  The cranberry sauce is already made and the soup will be made this afternoon once I am back from the doctors (B12 injections - on my birthday!!!). 

Then Boxing Day will be spent at my Pops', after I've visited the rest of the family of course.  I will hopefully get a start on making my thank you cards depending what time I manage to drag myself out of bed.

Although I'm not working between Christmas and New Year this year (I usually do - its a chance to catch up on all my admin), I will still be very very busy as I get married on Saturday.  After three years of planning, fingers crossed it all goes off without a hitch.  In my head there are many possible scenarios of things going wrong - especially where my family are concerned.  

And then. it is New Year. 

So, this year it is even more busy than normal, so please forgive my lack of posts.

Sooooo, I would just like to wish all my lovely readers a very happy Christmas.  I hope you all get everything you want from Santa and that you stuff yourself silly with Christmas dinner, and I will be back in the new year - a married woman (but still a fairy elephant).

Happy Crafting!


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