Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Review: Let's Make Cards - Issue 57

Sooooo, for once, I haven't had to chase up my subscription copy of Let's Make Cards, and in fact it actually arrived early and by the time this post will be published I will have had it for a week!  Shocked?  I am.

This is the first non-Christmas issue, and instead focuses on thank you cards.  I'm still too busy doing Christmas cards, so no time to make thank you cards yet.  I'm also thinking simply and easy to replicate thank you cards for me this year, as I will also have all the thank you cards to do for the wedding too (less than a month away now and I feel so disorganised - and poor!).

Anyway, onto the magazine.

This issue comes with the usual kit, but I am most disappointed to find that although there are card blanks, there are no envelopes.  Personally, I always feel life is too short to make an envelope (stuff a mushroom, or make your own marzipan), so I am slightly miffed at this.  I will no doubt end up using the card blanks as card stock instead.  

On a brighter note, there are some pretty papers, ribbons and embellishments in the kit, along with some mini pegs and various beads.

As always, one of the first projects in the magazine is how to make cards using just your kit., including some cute tags.

Crafter's Guide has tips on quilling, including a little tutorial and answers to some readers' questions.

A Place For Everything has some great storage tips, including tictac boxes to store your ribbon and how to make a personalised pinboard.

Thrift A-Z has loads of money saving suggestions for you - one for every letter of the alphabet.

Card School has a kinetic greeting card, featuring motif of the moment - owls.  This could be easily adapted to other motifs though.

Other projects include:

  • shaped cards in 4 All-Occasion Handmade Cards
  • papercutting effects
  • packaging for handmade soaps
  • decoupage designs
  • cards featuring birds and butterflies
  • spring-themed quick makes
  • top makes with backing papers
  • die-cut frames

The tutorials in this issue are:

  • How to add beads to your cards
  • 4 quilling techniques to try
  • How to make an aperture
  • How to draw a perfect circle
  • How to create a decoupage design
  • How to make a concertina zig-zag base
  • How to make a stepper card
  • 3 ways to get the perfect finish
  • How to adapt your card designs
  • How to use a die-cutting machine

There are also a few giveaways this time:

  • book, Tape It and Make It
  • Bobbin the Bear goody bags
  • tickets to the Craft for Crafters show
  • CD-Rom, A Touch of Elegance
  • Background stamps from Darkroom Door
  • Cleopatra Hand Warmer knitting kit from The Little Wool Company.
So that is this month's issue of LMC, which I believe is in the shops now.

Happy Crafting!


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