Monday, 3 December 2012

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 24

Sooooo, no Christmas projects in this magazine.  It is the first one I have received so far aimed at the new year, and just to reiterate that point, the free gift is some calendar stamps (i.e. the names of the months) and a downloadable calendar kit, with instructions in the magazine.  I won't be having a go at this to show you it, as my mother has already bought my calendar for next year, with suitable sarcastic phrases for each month.

There are loads of giveaways this issue, and these include:

·         book, 100 Beaded Flowers, Trinkets & Charms
·         book, Sweets on a Stick
·         book, Cast On, Bind Off
·         book, Make by Cath Kidston
·         Hemline goody bag
·         book, Make It and Mend It
·         Fiskars pinking shears
·         Vilene goody bag
·         ceramic heart decoration from Dimbleby Ceramics
·         Gutermann bead sets
·         book, Merchant & Mills Sewing Book
·         Love Hearts sewing kits
·         sewing patterns from The Quilter's Pail
·         Japanese blossom bowl sets
·         Serif CD-Roms
·         tickets to The Creative Crafts Show

One of my favourite projects this issue is A Touch Of Clasp, which shows you how to make clasped bags and purses, rather than my usual zipped one.  There is also a glasses case in this project, which I think I will try out as something a little bit different.  I think this will be one of my first projects after Christmas.

I am also very much in love with the Shortbread Tree in Star of Wonder, basically because it is loads of biscuits!  I've had an attempt at something similar previously and it actually turned out OK.  I just now need to invest in some new star cookie cutters and away I go.

Rice and Warm has some lovely projects for warming yourself up, inlcuding rice heat bags, boot warmers, glove warmers and a moster rice bag.  I never knew that you could use rice in your wheaty bags to keep you warm.  This is very handy to know in my freezing cold cottage, so I think I may be investing some time in making myself some little rice bags to pop in the microwave to keep me warm now that it is getting so cold.

Other projects include:
·         a recipe box
·         a diary
·         a trinket and storage boxes
·         a chest of drawers
·         a decorated plant pot
·         a padded coat hanger and decoration
·         a cushion
·         a to-do board
·         a tag box
·         a knitted tote bag
·         crocheted roses
·         kids' games
·         a snowman sweet box
·         dried flower arranging
·         soaps

As always, all templates are included.

I'm probably not going to get much chance to try out any of these projects until after Christmas, but as always, I shall keep you updated, and it is nice to read something not Christmas-related for once.

Happy Crafting!


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