Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tracey, Steph & Evie

Sooooo, today I wanted to share with you some non-card projects that I have been working on recently.

My handbags and gladrags side of my business (fingers crossed, touch wood etc) seems to be going from strength to strength.  I've had a fair few orders for my 'Jane' bag (the first one I ever did), along with my 'Jo' lunch bag and 'Lynn' make-up bags, so I decided to expand a little and try some new ideas.   

My first one was to make a lined version of the 'Jane' bag.  This is the 'Steph', named after my cousin, as she was the first person to order one.  
This bag is basically a 'Jane' bag, but it has two outer pockets (on the sides) and is lined inside, with a zipped pocket and a phone pocket.  My cousin wanted to keep costs down, so this is lined with non-Cath Kidston lining.  These are now also available in my Folksy shop, with the Cath Kidston lining.  If you would like a non-Cath Kidston lining, please contact me via my Folksy shop.

I also decided to do a smaller version of the 'Jane'.  This is the 'Evie', named after my niece as the first one I made of this was for her birthday present.  Apparently, it was immediately taken to school with her.  She's not got me any orders, mind!!!  This one was made from the Clarke & Clarke scotty dog fabric, as this was the one Evie asked for.  The 'Evie' is unlined and available to order from my Folksy shop in Cath Kidston fabric.  In fact, I have already sold an 'Evie' bag on Folksy, and it has gone all the way to Italy.  I was very excited and am now telling everyone that I am international!
The 'Tracey' is basically a lined version of the 'Evie' or a smaller version of the 'Steph'.  The first one I made was for my friend, Tracey, hence the name, and this one was lined with Cath Kidston fabric.  Like the 'Steph', this has two outer pockets, a zipped pocket inside and a phone pocket inside.  This is now also available to order from my Folksy shop.  Again, if you would like to order a non-Cath Kidston lining version of the 'Tracey', please contact me via my Folksy shop.

All of these bags are also available in other patterns.  The majority currently seem to be in the Blue Provence Rose fabric, as this is the most popular, but other patterns are available.  In fact, I'm about to make up some new designs, the Kay and the Gilly, and I will do these in different fabrics.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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