Monday, 28 January 2013

Kay & Gilly

Soooo, today I would like to bring you some new bag designs.

These are the two bags I made for my sisters for Christmas.  The first one I made for my older sister, Kay:

She told me what size she wanted and I took it from there.  This is a medium or 'Evie' sized bag.  I added a small zipped pocket to the front and a pocket to either side.  This bag is lined with one zipped pocket and one non-zipped pocket.  I couldn't get lining fabric to match the oilcloth in the shop, so I went for a floral ditsy fabric instead.  This is available to order from my Folksy shop, or just email me.

My eldest niece, Georgia, has now apparently been complaining that mummy and Evie both have bags, but she doesn't, so I've got to make her one now.

This second bag I made for my little sister, Gilly:

I knew there was no point making her a small bag, because she is like me and carries a Mary Poppins bag around with her, so I made her a 'Jane' sized, or large, bag. 

She'd already told me that she didn't want florals, so I chose this cowboy oilcloth and managed to get the matching lining fabric.

This bag has five outer pockets - one on each side and one on the front.

It is also lined, with a zipped pocket and a non-zipped pocket. 

This is also available to order in my Folksy shop, or just email me.

Gilly tells me that she has used this bag to put all her Christmas presents in to take them back home with her after a month's leave.  She also promises to try and get some orders for me.

Both of these bags can be made in other patterned fabrics.

I have loads of left over lining fabric now, and no idea really what to do with it.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking maybe some cushions? But would like to try something a bit different.

Happy Crafting!


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