Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 43 (January 2013)

Sooooo, Christmas and the wedding are now over, it's back to work today and normal(ish) service can be resumed.  Sorry some of these reviews are a bit later than they would be normally.

Today, I bring you my review of the latest issue of Sew magazine, which actually hit the shelves the Friday before Christmas, and I have read it over the holidays, but this is the first chance I have had to write the review.

This issue comes with a free Simplicity cushion pattern, with ideas in the magazine itself on how to use it.  I've not had chance to make anything yet, but I do have some fabric I would like to use.  Just need to get some cushion pads.  I have been meaning to make some cushions for ages, as we don't actually have any in our house, but it is simply finding time that is proving impossible.  

One of the first projects in this issue as a cape, which actually looks really simple to make and when I have some spare pennies for the fabric (and a free weekend), I would like to have a go at this, as my current winter coat is boring me now, and one of my friend's always wears a cape and it always looks amazing on her.   There are also instructions on how to make a little matching corsage, which I think sets the cape of nicely.

For those of us that are brassic this month, which I think includes most of us, including me, there are instructions on how to customise an old second-hand dress.  This is a great project for those not confident enough to make a dress from scratch yet - most people start of customising.  The dress being customised in the magazine is simply delightful (yes, that is sarcasm, but I am so good at it) but the resulting dress is a very pretty modern number.

Dressmaking SOS has advice on mending a buttonhole, mending lining, and hiding rips in trousers - all very useful skills to have I think.

There is also a feature this month on buying your first sewing machine, which is a welcome change from all the thousands of pounds-worth of sewing machines usually featured, which I would love to have, but unfortunately, I'm not a millionaire, so I can't afford.

Business Bites gives ideas on where to find inspiration.

There is also an interview with Ted & Agnes blogger, Rachelle Blondel

Other projects in this issue include:

  • How to create a peplum skirt (all the rage, apparently, but make me look like a first class twit!)
  • A Colette Truffle dress, with downloadable pattern and step-by-step instructions
  • An embroidered poncho
  • A clutch bag (you do need to purchase the pattern for this one though, although it is the subscription gift this month and I am tempted to subscribe finally . . . )
  • Appliqued t-shirts for boys
  • A kid's play tent
  • Pencil case and folder
  • A patchwork owl cushion
  • Batik techniques
  • Revamping seat pads
  • Fabric lampshades, which I'm hoping is going to be one of my new projects this year - keep your eyes peeled for details on my blog
  • A dog bed and coat
  • A sewing machine mat, which is actually a good idea, as it has storage for all your sewing bits and pieces
  • A yo yo draft excluder
  • A tool storage kit
  • placemats from Anthea Turner.
Finally, giveaways this issue include:
  • fabric charm packs from Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Chinese Rose duvet set
  • Craft-tex placemat and coaster craft packs
  • a Janome sewing machine.
Next month's issue is on sale 18th January - so not long to wait.

Happy Crafting!


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