Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review: Sew

Soooo, sorry, this is another late one.  It has been in the shops since 18th January, but I have only just managed to go buy it.  Problem solved from next month though as hubby decided to treat me to a subscription.  This issue has definitely been worth the wait though.
First up, the freebie!  This issue comes with a sweet Folksy padded heart kit.  I’ve not made this yet, as I simply haven’t had time.  Should I ever find five minutes to get bored, then this is something I might dig out then and make.  It would look nice in one of my nieces’ bedrooms.  In fact, I might give it to one of them as a project. 
One of the first projects in this issue is a pair of day-time pyjama pants, which actually look really easy to make.  I don’t feel that I am one of those people who can pull off this style of trouser during the daytime, but I am one of those people who loves their jimjams.  Soooooo, I think I could have a go at this and make myself some new jammie pants.  It doesn’t matter that I won’t have a matching top, as I just sleep in jammie bottoms and a vest top anyway.  It also shows you how to make bias binding to match your pants.
Amanda Walker has a drape front cardigan for you to make, with the pattern downloadable from the Sew website.  This looks good in bright linen and would be perfect to brighten up your spring wardrobe.
Dressmaking SOS has help and advice on Zips this month, including how to insert a lapped zip, and advice on which zip is best.
There is a feature all about the Queen’s dressmaker (possibly my dream job), Angela Kelly, with advice on how to steal her Majesty’s style – thinking cute handbags, gloves and see-through umbrellas (which always match her outfit by the way).  There is also info on how they choose the fabric and colour for each outfit and where they find their inspiration.  Find out what is most important and what needs to be consider for HRH’s outfits and what heel height she favours.
I am loving the Male Grooming Set, which is made from a-may-zing moustache fabric.  I might have to make my darling husband some of these – I think the travel roll for his beard trimmer would be a good idea.  It’s not his birthday until October, so I have plenty of time.
Sticking with the cleanliness, there is also a cool shower cap, which is something I have been thinking of making for a while, so now I have these instructions.
My favourite project in this issue has to be the Clutch Purse.  It is sooooo sweet.  It’s amazing what you can make from a circle of fabric and tie with a ribbon.  Anywho, I am currently making plans to not make plans this weekend, so I may get my sewing machine out, finish off my friend’s dress, and make one or three of these.  I think these will fit within my current range of bags perfectly.  I also know two little girls that would love one each.
I really like the upholstered love seat and would love to try my hand at upholstering.  However, this is one project which will have to wait, because I simply do not have the room in my house to a) have the workspace to make it and b) have somewhere to put the finished article.  One day . . . .
Other features in this issue include:
  • Customise a stripy top to make a Breton top
  • How to add contrast sleeves to a top
  • Business bits has advice on how to use social media
  • Embellished notelets
  • Fabric-covered storage boxes
  • An embroidered handbag
  • How to stitch a romantic hanging decoration
  • Fabric-covered pinboard and quilted book cover
  • Photo holders
  • Flower heart cushions
  • Pot holders
  • Felt flower table centrepieces
  • A hanging quilt
  • A fabric plaque from Anthea Turner

I love this issue.  Probably because it has so much relevant to me.  I can’t wait to find time to get on with some of these projects.  I’ll keep you posted.
Happy Crafting!

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