Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brilliant Bouquets

Soooooo, despite being married for nearly a month now, this is the first chance I have had to blog about my one and only wedding distaster - my flowers.

I had decided against traditional flowers as I had seen some gorgeous crystal bouquets that I really loved (and I'm not usually much of a traditionalist anyway) that would go lovely with my dress, which was quite plain but for a few crystal accents.  I was going to order them from a company that specialised in them, but when I mentioned them to the girl who had made the hair decorations for my bridesmaids, she asked if she could so them.  My bridesmaid's hairbands and combs were so lovely, I couldn't really say no.

However, despite ordering something like this (pictures were sent):

This is what I got:

And this was supposed to be my bridesmaids' bouquets:

And these my button holes:

As you can imagine, I was very disappointed.  My friend was actually on the verge of tears when I showed her.  I think I held up a little better.

I think I was more angry than upset - that I had taken a chance on this person and that I had been let down, especially when I myself am in the position at the moment where I have to rely on people taking a chance on me and I strive so hard not to let anyone down.

Anyway, my anger was increased by the fact that I had been messed about so much for actually collecting the bouquets (they weren't ready until the Sunday before the wedding) that I could not order more from anywhere else and I was limited on time to do anything myself.  I thank God that I was able to do something about them myself.  A person with less craft experience might not have been able to do anything with them and would have had to spend a fortune just getting some bouquets.  I am also thankful that my boss, Maureen, had made me take the few days before the wedding off work, so I was able to find the time to sort myself out some bouquets.

Anyway, as the Sunday was the 23rd December and I was working Christmas Eve, first thing Boxing Day I went and raided Hobbycraft to get some ideas of what to do.  My plan for crystal bouquets was out of the window as I didn't think I had the time to make enough crystal stems, so I had to revert to something more traditional.

I decided to take apart the crystal bouquets and use them in my new bouquets.  I am also very thankful that my Grandma and Grampt bought me a Hobbycraft gift card for my birthday, which was Christmas Eve - it certainly made raiding Hobbycraft that little easier.

Anyway, from Hobbycraft I bought some foam roses, which really are lovely, and some navy blue feathers.  I also bought some little buttonhole sets.

I spent the whole of the Thursday before the wedding making my bouquets, apart from a small break when I went to the little cake shop down the road to get some more floristry ribbon as I had run out (another thing I am very thankful for - they were open).

Anyway, these are the results:

The Buttonholes

Bridesmaid Bouquet - angle 1

Bridesmaid Bouquet - angle 2

My Bouquet
Sorry the pictures aren't brilliant.  I haven't yet had chance to take some proper ones.  These are the work in progress ones.  I even found time to do some work on the little bridesmaids' wands to make them look better:

Here, I've just found one of my wedding pictures which shows my bouquet with my very pretty shoes:

I've already got an order from a friend for her wedding flowers and I will be putting these in my Folsky shop when I find time to take some better pictures.

Happy Crafting!


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