Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review: Homemaker - issue 3

Sooooo, despite now being on the third issue of this magazine, this is my first review.  I had been waiting to make my mind up about it, and you can’t really do that off one or two issues can you?
However, as issue 3 has lived up to the expectations created by the first two issues, I think it is safe to say that I am pretty hooked.  I may even replace another magazine I buy with this one, which is more like a glossy for crafters.  It has lots of pretty pictures, design ideas and articles and interviews with various people, rather than just being a making magazine, which so many of the others seem to be these days.  I must admit – I only buy some for the freebies, but as I am on a self-imposed austerity period, I will be making hard decisions to not buy certain magazines – especially those I haven’t actually made a project from in recent months.  Homemaker, however, I shall continue to buy.
Anyway, instead of me rabitting on (as usual), shall I get on with my review?
Just a few pages into the magazine, you are greeted by a gorgeous floral decoration make using an egg box and painted egg shells.  I love this idea, and I may have a go at doing this.  Pity I read it after my baking extravaganza at the weekend (the magazine came out on Friday, but I didn’t get to the shops until Sunday) as I would have had loads of empty egg shells to use.  Never fear – I am planning another baking sessions this weekend and I will get hubby to buy me some flowers to create my own little floral display.  Not sure where I will put it in my house, which is not really designed for displays, but I will find somewhere – maybe on my ugly fire to jazz it up (oh how I wish we owned rather than rented and could make all the changes we wanted to – something to note -  I can’t even plug said ugly fire in – I’m thinking of replacing with some kind of display, although Hubby wants fish.  I’m not so sure).
Anyway, I am digressing as usual. 
Staying on the theme of eggs, you can tell it is getting near to Easter, as the next project in the magazine is some cute embroidered egg cosies, featuring little spring animals and Humpty Dumpty himself.  I really would love to have time to make these, but I’m not so sure it will happen before Easter – I have a variety of projects on, not least finishing my friend’s dress (it has been in a half-finished state for about two months now) and making the nieces some PJs for Easter (some off tradition that got started I can’t remember how) from some gorgeous vintage Thai silk I got give, plus everything else I will find to do in the meantime.
I really like the ten minute chalkboards feature, which includes place mats and utility boxes and look ridiculously simple to achieve.
I am also wanting to try (should I find the time) Gilding In Four Simple Steps – It actually is made to look very easy.  I just need to find things to gild now.  There is also advice on how to make plain boring modern glass look antique.
Other projects and features in this issue include: 
  • Cute felt rabbits
  • Embroidered tea cosy
  • Chocolate eggs and decorating them
  • Eggs decorated using papercutting techniques
  • Revamping a dressing table
  • A whole feature on crockery – what types there are, how to look after it etc. and how to make a cake stand from old (pretty) plates
  • Allsorts made from tea towels, including a roman bling, cushion and teapot cosy
  • Knitted storage file
  • Crocheted table runner
  • Crocheted tea cosy
  • Map makes, including plates, noticeboard, pinwheels, picture frame and envelopes
  • A laundry basket
  • Roller blinds
  • A fruit cake from Cake Boy, Eric Lanlard
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Easter cookies, with advice on icing
  • An apron from textile artist, Chloe Owens
  • Calling cards and why they should make a come back
  • How to create a floral meadow
  • Cardiff:  The Arcades
I told you there were loads of projects

There are also interviews with:
  • Wayne Hemingway on the changing definition of luxury
  • Belle and Bespoke bods, Mark and Kathryn
  • Debbie Bliss, knitter extraordinaire
  • Anthea Turner
  • Sophie Dahl on her passion for cooking
  • Patrick & Duncan from the Thoughtful Bread Company
  • Chloe Owens
  • Paper & Cloth founder, Jennie Rivers
  • Bruno Tonioli

There are also loads of design ideas and pretty things to buy.
As I’ve already said, I am pretty hooked and can’t wait for the next issue – not least because it has Paul Hollywood in i
Happy Crafting!

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