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Review: Sew Issue 45 (March 2012)

Soooo, I had high hopes for this issue of Sew, as the last issue was so simply amazing (please see tomorrow's post for all the things I have been making from the last issue).  Luckily, I didn't expect this issue to be as good as the last one, as it is very rare that an issue like that comes along, but saying that, there are some good projects in this issue - a couple of which I might try if I find the time.
One of my favourite projects this issue has to be the simple maxi skirt, which I will be trying for myself when I find the right fabric - I'm thinking a plain or patterned jersey would be good for  this or a beautiful silk.  Of course with my little legs (only a 26" inside leg) it would be a mini skirt on anyone else.
Dressmaking SOS! had advice on buttonholes, including how to decorate them, how to create on different fabrics and how to make bound buttonholes.  However, it does presume some prior knowledge, as there is no tutorial on how to make a basic buttonhole, which I feel would be quite helpful for beginners.
Business Bite! has advice on how to write a sewing book.  I didn't really find this that useful to me as a business woman, as this really isn't something I have considered doing.  Just getting my little business of the ground is my main aim at the moment.    For those who are quite established in business, however, this article may give them the impetus they need to go that step further.  I am looking forward to reading next month's Business Bite! which is apparently about independent pattern designing, which could be quite helpful for someone like me who has an unusual body shape.
I really liked Mary Jane Baxter's My Vintage Life piece this month.  I had just been commenting to a friend earlier in the week about how I wished women still wore hats (I am a definite hat person), and here is Mary Jane, championing that cause.  Mary Jane - maybe we should join forces?  It has made me look forward even more to starting a millinery course (hopefully after Easter if I can find the pennies to pay for it).
I like the idea of the hair clip holder in this issue.  Keep your eyes peeled as this may be a project I go with, albeit with a few changes.  The cuckoo clock design, although great, would not be suitable for my girly girly nieces, so I may go with a  different design.  I will have a think about this one.  I'm thinking hearts, princesses, flowers . . .
Other projects and features in this issue of Sew include:
  • A liberty print blouse, which can be adapted to a shirt dress
  • An embroidered make-up bag
  • A patchwork pin cushion and matching needle case
  • A floral brooch and card
  • An article on designing and making for babies.  I may have to purchase the Simplicity pattern for the nappy bag, as well as the vogue pattern for all the nursery pieces
  • Felt baby booties
  • A Tilda bunny - perfect for slightly older kids (buttons make in unsuitable for babies and young toddlers)
  • An Easter set including a linen bag and egg cosies
  • A simple Easter bunny
  • An appliqué cushion and picture
  • A posies quilt - I got a bit lost at the cutting guide on this one.  Maybe one to try when my skills are a lot more advanced
  • A memento canvas
  • A table set
  • Wall hangings - I like the idea of these, but they feature ducks, and I don't know the reason behind it, but I was always taught that birds in the house were bad luck.  Maybe it's just my superstitious mother, but the idea has stuck with me
  • A box pleat cushion, which I think, as suggested in the magazine, would make a great pin cushion when scaled down.
  • Plus the freebie this issue is an ideas book, including embroidered lampshades, wall hangings and many more projects.

Tutorials in this issue include:
  • How to sew a two-hole button
  • How to create a Peter Pan collar
  • How to create bound buttonholes
  • How to stem stitch
  • How to satin stitch
  • How to back stitch

The prizes to be won this issue are:
  • A Bosch TDA5070GG iron
  • Scissor sets from Klasse
  • Magnifying lamps
  • AEG 1714 sewing machine and sewing desk

There are also lots of pretty fabrics in this issue, which I have been eyeing up and am so tempted to treat myself to.
I'm already looking forward to the next issue, which is out on 15th March and comes with a free dress pattern, which I already have plans for, and loads of cute ideas.
Happy Crafting!

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