Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review: Crafts Beautiful - Issue 252 (April 2013)

Sooooo, this may be my last Crafts Beautiful review, as I have decided to cancel my subscription.  I may still buy it from time to time, but I have realised that it is very rare that I make anything from this magazine anymore.  Others have come on the market that are of more relevance to me and my crafting. 
Anyway, I’m not entirely sure when my subscription finishes (I am still waiting for the confirmation email) so I can’t guarantee that I will get next month’s copy.  But enough about that, shall we get on with the review. 
Easter is definitely the theme this issue, which hit the shops last Friday, but so far I have had enthusiasm to do very little, most of all writing.  Thankfully, my enthusiasm seems to be increasing a little.  Enough for me to write this post anyway. 
After reading through this issue, although there are loads of great projects, I am glad I have made the decision to cancel my subscription, as there is very little in it that I would make – maybe due to lack of time, maybe because my crafting has become more about two or three things, rather than everything. 
Having said this, there are a couple of projects I was interested in, the first one being Mosaic Revamp, which has ideas for transforming plain old vases using mosaic techniques.  There is also a mosaic greeting card. 
I also like Floral Pretties, which features a make-up bag and smart phone cover, both of which I think I will have a go at – I need to remember to buy some bias binding first.  I am constantly forgetting!
I was also interested in Paper Mementos, as this features scrapbooking – something I really intend to try this year, as soon as I find time!
I am also slightly in love with the place settings in Chirpy Cheer – they are sure to brighten up anyone’s table.  They also look pretty easy to make.  This project has a funky appliqued flower coaster and an appliqued chicken place mat, which is easily adaptable to other designs.  I would probably substitute the chicken for a flower for a summery setting.
I was quite disappointed to notice that they have recycled a project from an issue of (I think) Sew Magazine – Vintage Passion.  I know that they are the same publisher, but so far I had been impressed that projects never crossed over.
Other projects in  this issues include:
  • Quilled Easter decorations, featuring rabbits in plant pots
  • How to use your free gift to create some vintage-style cards
  • Birthday cards featuring punched balloons – I did like these until I realised how much stuff you needed to make them
  • Watercolour painting in Card School
  • Cross-stitched cards and bookmark
  • Decorated journals, boxes and make-up bags
  • Decorated blown eggs
  • Numerous cards using embossing, paper piecing
  • Favours
  • A gift card holder
  • Crocheted throw
  • Embroidered booties
  • An embroidered welcome sign
  • A felted teddy (so sweet)

Giveaways do remain pretty good, this month including:
  • Goodies from Fantastic Ribbons
  • A huge goody bag from The Little Wool Company
  • Personalised stamp from The English Stamp Company
  • Scissor sets from Klasse
  • Edible Glitter goodies
  • Floral storage boxes
  • Dremel set
  • Book, Precut Patchwork Pretty
So, there you have it.  I will of course continue with my other reviews and keep you updated on all the craftiness that I am up to.  I have wedding invitations, bouquets and candle holders coming up, but to name but a few.
Happy Crafting!

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