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Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 46 (April 2013)

Sooooooooo sorry this is late.  I have been having internet problems (intermittent is an overstatement) and sat down to write this last night and lo and behold – no internet.  I am seriously considering decamping to the pub down the road to use their Wi-Fi until mine is sorted.  No idea what is going on with it.  Anyway, enough ranting, shall I get on with my review of this month’s Sew magazine . . .
I really like this month’s issue.  I think I was won over just by the free pattern, which comes in bigger sizes so will fit fatty here.  It is a gorgeous fifties style tea dress and I am going to use the pattern to make a dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding.
I was also very impressed that one of my makes is in this issue – the moustache toiletries roll I posted up on twitter.  I’m right there on page 11!
There are loads of projects I want to try in this issue – the only problem is they are all bigger projects, so I haven’t had chance to complete any of them yet.  One could be an Easter weekend project if I get my act into gear and go buy some fabric.
So, the first project is the fifties style tea dress which is the free pattern this month.  I am intending to make it up in some gorgeous flamingo fabric I found on ebay (and which I still need to purchase – pay day cannot come round fast enough), but then I am wondering – are flamingos suitable for a wedding?  Will the bride actually care that I am wearing flamingos, so long as I look fabulous dahhhhling? And most of all, do I care?  I don’t think I do and I’m sure Mandy won’t mind – at least I won’t be clashing with her bridesmaids (a cardinal sin I am sure).  It does say in the magazine that you can make this dress up for a tenner, using sateen curtain lining at £4.79 per meter.  However, I think this is only for the skinny minnies out there, as two meters of fabric will not cover my curves.
Just after this feature in the magazine is a suggestion for fabrics – I love the Mirage Navy fabric by Alexander Henry, but I think I would definitely be in trouble with Mandy if I turned up to her wedding wearing fabric with nude ladies on it.  It has been decided that this fabric would not be suitable for work either.
I love the mother and daughter macs.  I may not have a daughter for whom to make one, but that won’t stop me making one for myself.  The ones in the magazine are made from laminated cotton, but equally they could be made from oilcloth (which I already use a lot of).  However, the laminated cottons featured in the magazine are not that expensive anyway, so this could be a treat to myself.  There is also a longer cotton mac, which I love and is more my style, so I might make that one.  This project is also followed by a feature on waterproof fabrics.
I am also very much in love with the kimono robe, which doesn’t look too horrendous to make.  I do wish I had seen this before I cut up some lovely Thai silk that I had to make pyjamas for the nieces – they could have had cotton.  Anyway, I will just have to get some more silk/satin to make this up.  I think this could also be made up in a pretty cotton for a lovely lightweight summer dressing gown.
There is definitely a vintage feel going on this issue, as there is also a gorgeous vintage slip.  Not sure I would have the patience to make one of these when they are quite cheap to buy, but if I wanted one in an unusual colour (to put under a lace dress or something) this could be quite handy.
I was also very interested to read the envelope clutch project clutch.  I wouldn’t be too bothered about printing my own fabric, which is the main feature of this project, but I do like the bag and it doesn’t look too difficult to make
Other projects and features include:
  • ·         Trinny & Susannah have advice for all body shapes, or rather the body shapes they think exist – I don’t fit in to any category, so I shall just keep wearing what I want
  • ·         Dressmaking SOS has advice on achieving the perfect fit, including darts, toiles and trousers
  • ·         Travel set
  • ·         Padded letter decorations
  • ·         Animal cushions
  • ·         Quilt and cushion set
  • ·         Lavender pillow set
  • ·         Felt kangaroos
  • ·         Russian doll pyjama case
  • ·         Business Bites has pattern designing advice
  • ·         Cross stitch soldiers
  • ·         Henry horse toy
  • ·         Cummerbund

There are a few little tutorials this month, including:
  • ·         How to adjust a multi-size dress pattern
  • ·         How to lengthen sleeves
  • ·         How to add a lace hem
  • ·         How to stitch a French seam
  • ·         How to transfer a motif

 Finally, the giveaways this month include:
  • ·         Fabric bundles from My Fabric House
  • ·         Book, Drape Drape 3
  • ·         Mettler thread sets
  • ·         An Eden Rose sewing machine.

There is also now an ‘Essentials’ section at the back of the machine, including info on stitches, patterns and symbols.
The next issue is out on 12th April, but this one is out now, and I highly recommend you go buy it.
Happy Crafting!

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