Sunday, 7 April 2013

Against Breast Cancer

Sooooo, today I would like to tell you about a little initiative I am helping my friend, Becky, with:

Bra Bank!

Becky is raising money for Against Breast Cancer and one of the ways she is doing this is to set up a Bra Bank at the pub she manages in Doncaster.  The following info recently appeared in her local paper:

The Eden Arms Adopts Bra Recycling FoBreast Cancer Charity  

The Eden Arms is partnering with charity Against Breast Cancer to introduce an innovative bra recycling scheme that will benefit women everywhere.  The scheme provides an eye-catching pink bra bank in our friendly pub where unwanted bras can be deposited.  

Recycling bras prevents them from being dumped into UK landfills each year and the charity recovers £1000 from every tonne donated. The scheme directs textiles to Africa where they help create local commerce and the scheme is also helping to create jobs in the UK. 

Wendy Taylor-Hill, Corporate Manager at Against Breast Cancer said ‘We have received very positive feedback from retailers adopting the scheme and great warmth from the public for an idea that helps the environment as well as charity.   

Rebecca Greenwood, General Manager of the Eden Arms said “We are very excited to be supporting the scheme as this is beneficial on many levels. It supports a fantastic charity and is helping to fund vital research into breast cancer treatment as well as helping the environment by preventing more landfill. To also be helping people in Africa is an added bonus. To create an easy way for our guests to recycle clothing and support a good cause is fantastic both for us and them. ‘  

Funds received from the scheme are put to work by the charity to support the research they are conducting into breast cancer, now affecting 1 in 8 women in the UK.  

What better excuse do you need to go treat yourself to some new undies . . .  I've just sorted a bag out to send to her

Any donations can be sent to:

Bra Bank
The Eden Arms
Edenfield Road

Or, if you are one of those people I am likely to see, you can send any donations via me.

Please help this very worthy cause.

Happy Crafting!


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