Sunday, 21 April 2013

Beautiful Butterflies

Soooo, I seem to be on a sewing roll at the moment.  I think The Great British Sewing Bee is inspiring me - so much so that while I was watching Tuesday night's episode, I sat on my living room floor and cut out the fabric for a new skirt.  I've not sewn it up yet, as I have been busy making this instead:

This was also inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee.  After watching the contestants make the cutest little girls' dresses, I decided I had to make one for a grown-up.  I have had this fabric for a while, and I was going to make a maxi skirt from it, but decided to make a dress instead after realising if I made a skirt I didn't actually have a top to wear with it.  I also love maxi dresses when summer hits, as I hate my legs and think they should be covered up, but I get fed up of wearing jeans.

Anyway, I found this dress pretty simple to make.  I didn't us a pattern as I already had a basic idea of how to make the dress after making my friend, Debby, as top last year using similar techniques.  That top can be found on my other blog, Fairy Elephants.

So, using a similar idea I made a tube, hemming the top and bottom.  I then shirred 26 lines at the top of the dress - many more than the ones on the dresses on The Great British Sewing Bee.  Unfortunately, this meant having to re-spool the shirring elastic four times, but I think it was worth it.  

I then tried on the dress and added some ribbon ties to the top.  These will simply tie in a bow at the shoulders.  I also realised that the dress was waaaaay too long, even if I put heels on.  So, I took the hem up some more and tried it on again - still too long, so I took the hem up again.  This time it fit.

I love this dress and can't wait for the weather to improve so I can wear the dress.  I put the dress up on my personal facebook page, just to show my friends my lovely new dress, and, unexpectedly, someone has already asked if I can make them one.  So, this could be a new range for me.

I have also seen this fabric with yellow butterflies on, so I may treat myself on payday and finally make the skirt.  This 'pattern' can also be made into a top, so I may get enough fabric to make myself a summer top too.  Obviously, I would not wear top and skirt together, but will go hunting for a nice black vest top to wear with the skirt and the top will look nice with some jeans or linen trousers.

Right, MotoGP calls now.

Happy Crafting!


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