Thursday, 11 April 2013

Golden Invitations

Soooo, nooo, this is not a new version of Willy Wonka's golden tickets, so we will not be going to the chocolate factory (much to my disappointment).  Instead, I would like to share with you the invitations I made for a friend's upcoming wedding:

These were actually quite simple to do, as she had bought the blanks.  So, when I got them they looked like this:

I love the embossing on these and I think I stared at the blanks long enough to figure out how I might make these myself.
Anyway, as I had the blanks, and they were already patterned, all I had to do was add ribbon and inserts - easy peasy lemon squeezy, or so I thought.  Trying to thread ribbon through card was more difficult that I had envisaged.
First off, I cut slots in the card for the ribbon to go through.  Easy enough.  The problems arose when I tried to thread the ribbon - it was too bendy.  I didn't want to make the slots any bigger, because then they would start to look unsightly.  So, I had the idea of threading the ribbon through a needle and 'sewing' it to the card.  My main problem with that was that I didn't have a needle with a  big enough eye with which to thread the ribbon through.  I found one in the end and started threading.  Altogether I had 40 to do, but this still took a fair amount of time.  I also found that the needle was a bit too big for the slots, so ripped them slightly a couple of time, but you can't really tell.
I then had to make the inserts with all the information on. 
I did this by printing in brown onto some ivory paper to match the blank.

I then had to attach them to the invitation somehow.  This was more difficult than it would seem, because the fold in the blank meant that either when  the invitation was folded the paper bumped up a little, or was  too tight when unfolded and came away.  I used super strong pritt stick and stuck them on with the card half-folded.  Hopefully, they are OK.  If I had been supplying the blanks myself, I would have bought a few extra and printed directly onto the card.  As it was, however, I had no spares to play with so didn't want to risk some dodgy printing, as it can take a few goes to get the alignment right.
Anyway, my friend seemed to like them, and in an upcoming post I will show you the bouquets I have made her too.
Happy Crafting!

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