Thursday, 18 April 2013

In The Pink

Sooooo, today, as promised in my Golden Invitations post, I would like to share with you the bouquets I made recently for my friend's wedding.
Her bridesmaid is wearing fuchsia pink, so we decided to go with this theme.  We had originally discussed using white roses and pink feathers to add colour, but after mulling it over for a while, and realising that hot pink feathers were going to prove somewhat problematic, my friend decided that she would like her bouquet to stand out from her ivory dress and chose to go with pink flowers and white feathers instead.
The ideas for these bouquets etc. were based around the bouquets I made for my own wedding (please see my previous post Brilliant Bouquets), but as she was on more of a budget than me, we pared down the added extras a little.  This meant that the bouquets ended up being smaller than mine, but as my friend is tiny anyway, I don't think that it really matters too much.
Here is her bouquet:

This was made with 11 pink foam roses, 4 pink crystals, some clear crystals and some white feathers.   The stem was wrapped with pink ribbon and then overlaid with silver ribbon.  I curled the ends of the silver ribbon to add something a little bit different.
I also made a smaller version for her bridesmaid, who is 7, so nothing too big was required:

This was made with 6 pink foam roses, 4 crystals and 5 white feathers.  Again, the stem was wrapped with pink ribbon and overlaid with silver.
I made three of these buttonholes:

These were made with white roses (pink probably being a bit too much for the blokes), with two pink crystals added and wrapped in pink ribbon.
Finally, I took a rose from the bridal bouquet (hence why it only has 11 and not 12 roses) and made a double buttonhole for the groom:

I also added some pink and a clear crystal, together with a white feather to this, wrapping it all in pink ribbon.
I hope she likes them.  At the time of writing this, I haven't yet delivered them, but I am happy with the results,  My favourite has to be the double buttonhole for the groom.
Happy Crafting!

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