Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 28

Soooooo, this issue actually came out in the shops as I was on my holidays, so was ready and waiting for me when I returned last week.  As it has been bank holiday though, I have waited until today to post my review.

This month's issue comes free with some flower stamps and some mother of pearl buttons.  I was most disappointed though that most of the buttons were smashed and one of the stamps had been severed. 

Never mind though, I can't be bothered to complain, nor do I know who to complain to, so we shall just plod on with the review shall I?

So, apart from the standard how to use your free gift feature, there are loads of projects this issue, together with an interview with Birdy's Dolls owner, Katie Buckton.

I love the recipe for the tomato and asparagus quiches (I love tomatoes and asparagus) and will be saving this to make one day, once asparagus becomes a bit more widely available - It always tastes better when in season.  Disappointed to notice that the recipe calls for a pack of ready made shortcrust pastry though - shortcrust is the easiest of the pastries to make and I think you can't beat home made.

I also like some of the jewellery pieces in Be Our Guest, particularly the pink flower bracelet, which I think would make a lovely gift for any girl of any age.  The bridal set of necklace, earrings and bracelets is simply gorgeous and any bride would look lovely in it.  Pity the only bride I know this year is already sorted for her jewellery, otherwise I would have made this as part of her gift.  As it is though I already have many gift ideas for her and her hubby to be.

I was interested to read the project on silk painting, Soft As Silk.  This is a craft I had never consider before and now I am intrigued.  The projects are all beautiful, and there is something for all levels, including pictures, bags and cushions, amongst other things.

Other projects this issue include:

  • Peg Doll Fairies, made (apparently) using scraps and household items
  • Kitchen items, such as an apple-shaped tea cosy with matching cushion, bread basket, oven gloves and carrier bag store
  • Crocheted decorative box covers
  • Decorations using the Fiskars AdvantEdge punch system
  • More tea cosies, this time quilted, along with a teapot stand
  • Gold leaf jewellery and makes
  • Decorated sweet jars.

Giveaways include:

  • Japan Craft Kanzashi Flower brooch kits
  • Vilene sets
  • Magnetic chalkboard paint
  • Trimits A La Mode bead charm sets
  • Search Press book set
  • Stampin' Up Amazing Family stamp set
  • Tickets to the Weald of Kent Craft & Design Show
  • Personalised wooden wedding sign
  • D&C book set
  • Gutermann Neon Sew-All thread pack
  • Bead Cafe product set
  • Sandown Creative Craft Show tickets

Sorry that is later than I intended.  Hopefully my laptop gremlins have now disappeared and normal service can resume.

Happy Crafting!


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