Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dreamboats and Petticoats

Soooo, following on from my Ta Dah! post.  I thought the dress needed a finishing touch on the form of a petticoat.  

I trawled the internet for a pattern or tutorial and came across a great one from RocknRoll Bride.

I love the idea of the rainbow petticoat in this tutorial, but when I went to buy my tulle, they didn't have all the colours I wanted, so I decided to go with a simple white petticoat:

I thought that this may go well with other dresses too, as it is a neutral colour.  In fact, it will go brilliantly with my favourite white dress.

I bought enough tulle to do a three-layer petticoat, but decided after two layers that that would be quite puffy enough for my dress.  I making another 50s style dress, where more layers would look really good, but I need to consider that I will have to sit down at the wedding and I don't think the bride has a huge dress, so I need to keep mine simple.  And, I can now make an even smaller, one-layer petticoat, or make a petticoat for one of my nieces, as they will no doubt ask for one now.

I did have one mishap making this - I made the original waistband too small, so I had to unpick it all and make a new waistband.  However, this didn't take too long.  From start to finish, with my mishap took less than three hours.

Anyway, all I need now is my shoes and my outfit will be complete.  I need grey as my fascinator-hat is grey, and I am now really struggling to find some grey shoes that I like.

Happy Crafting!



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