Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review: Homemaker - Issue 5 how to use vintag

Soooo, it has taken me a while to track a copy of this down.  In fact, it involve a trip all the way to North Yorkshire, so sorry this is a lot later than it should be.  I definitely think a subscription is in order to avoid this again.

Anyway, enough of my ranting.  This issue comes with a free print and pattern design portfolio with lots of papers and design ideas, including some delicious-sounding recipes.  I may have to get my baking head on again.  I'll keep you updated on my Teapots & Tantrums blog.

I think the editors of this issue must have been hungry when they were putting it together, as there are a few recipes in the magazine proper, including:

  • Eric Lanlard's Apricot & Saffron Pies
  • Stacie Stewart's Genoise Sponge
  • Delia Smith's Fresh Orange & Passionfruit Cake
  • Delia's Brazil Nut Brownies

But then again, you never can have too many cakes and bakes can you.  I will probably try them all at some point, or I certainly intend to anyway.

I read with interest Helen Mulley's discussion on the need for art-related subjects in the national curicculum. I noticed even when I was at school many moons ago that art was not really encouraged.  But it doesn't just need schools to encourage it, I know from experience that if your parents don't encourage you, you will take a long time to discover your potential. As the 'academic' of three sisters, I was always pushed to get good grades in subjects that 'mattered'.  It took until I had a very supportive husband (boyfriend at the time) and to reach the age of 26 to find out that, actually, I am quite good at creating things.  I think if I had discovered this sooner, my life could have taken a very different course.

I am in love withe the POSCA decorated teapot and tea cups, and I just happened to notice at lunchtime today that Wilkinsons has a huge selection of white crockery, teapots etc. just waiting to be drawn all over with a POSCA or ten.

Other projects and features this issue include:

  • kitchen hideaway curtain
  • upcycled kitchen stool
  • jar labels
  • pot trivet
  • 50s-style tea towel
  • painted chopping boards (I might do some of these when I decide what colour I am painting my kitchen)
  • Wayne Hemingway discusses how the creative people of the world transform our cities
  • reupholstered carver chair
  • an interview with interior stylist, Selina Lake
  • DIY tin cans and storage boxes
  • how to use vintage suitcases to accessorise the home
  • DIY trunk refurb
  • interview with the lady behind Mengsel, Luzelle Van Der Westhuizen
  • pretty summer drapes
  • Drawstring bags
  • Ruth Cross explains her love of hand knits and has a bolster cushion pattern for us
  • Emma Bridgewater tells us what made her start on the path to kitchenware super stardom
  • interview with Squint owner, Lisa Whatmough
  • resin coasters
  • interview with printmaker, Freya Ete
  • stitched seed box
  • stylish seed packets
  • DIY windowbox.
Looking forward to the next issue already, and I might finally have got that subscription sorted instead of running around like a fool trying to locate a copy by then.  It is out on 10th May and fingers crossed my review will only be a couple of days behind that.

Happy Crafting!


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