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Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 48 (June 2013)

Soooooo, I am loving the freebies with this month's Sew magazine - not just one pattern but 3!  A gorgeous Project Runway dress, for which I will be going to buy the fabric for come pay day and two Great British Sewing Bee patterns - a gorgeous simple tea dress and a boned prom dress.  I've not tried adding boning to a dress before, but I think I may have to try this with this dress.  It would be perfect for a wedding, but I only have the one wedding to go to this year (two and a half weeks -  so excited) and I have already made my dress for that one.  In fact, I used a pattern I got free with Sew for that one:

You can find out all about this one on my other blog Teapots and Tantrums.  It is where I blog about most of my dressmaking, plus the (usually disastrous) recipes I try out.

Anyway, it looks like these freebies will be keeping me very busy in the coming weeks.

There are also some projects in the magazine proper which I will be trying out:

I love the How to Stitch a Bow Tie.  I am a huge fan of geek chic.  I think I might make one of these for my friend's little boy, as he is such a cutey and I know that he is the most likely to wear it, even if he is only 4.

I think I might make the boy's 'Pow' applique t-shirt in overgrown boy's size for my darling husband - the big kid that he is.

I really want to make the glasses case for my Pops for Father's Day.  I never know what to buy him.  After many years of his three daughters (the youngest of which is 25) buying him presents, we have run out of things to buy him.  A quick bit of maths means that from the three of us (aged 34, 27 and 25) buying gifts for birthday, Christmas and Father's Day means that he has had 258 presents, give or take, so it's no wonder we have run out of ideas.  As I'm writing this (Saturday morning) I am waiting patiently for his birthday present to arrive.  As a way of combatting the running out of ideas thing, me and my little sister have decided to go halves this year and get something a bit bigger.  Anyway, I already have the fabric I want to use for Dad's glasses case, I just need to find time to sit down and make it.

My addiction to The Big Bang Theory means that I also have a soft spot for all things comic and superhero (I think those geeks are starting to rub off on me), so I love the Comic Pop feature.  This has some great superhero ideas for decorating the bedroom of the little men in your life.  I REFUSE to let the bigger kid (i.e. my husband) see this page, as he will no doubt get ideas.  He is already building up a collection of comic book themed pyjama pants.  I don't mind them too much, but I don't want him progressing to buying figurines etc. - there is no room in our house.  I do love the featured fabrics though and may have to give in and buy some to make him some more pyjama pants.  I think the superhero storage bins are a great idea and very easy to make.

I took great interest in the new Quilter's Corner page, as although I am generally  not a quilter, I prefer to make clothes, my youngest darling niece has asked me to make her a quilt for her birthday.  Now, her birthday isn't until November, so it looks like I stand a chance of actually having this done in time.  I have spent most of this morning looking for a stack of Tilda patchwork fabrics that I have which would be perfect, if I have enough, for this particular project, but I can't find them anywhere.  Anyway, I shall be paying great attention to this new feature in the coming months.

I am also loving the embroidered cushions, especially the elephant one.  I have a huuuge stash of sequins and embroidery threads that I can use for these and maybe one day I will get round to making one.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Applique boy's t-shirt, featuring a headphones motif
  • Find out all about Saville Row and the art of tailoring, with a help section including welt pockets, adding structure and tailored men's trousers
  • Leather phone case, key case and card wallet
  • Birdwatching set of a binoculars case and tripod sling
  • Editorial Assistant, Victoria Richman attends CLP's Fabulous Felt Course
  • Mary Jane Baxter shares her love of finding those hidden treasures at flea markets
  • Lucy Ganderton has a motoring set, perfect for the car, with a map wallet and car tidy, made from stylish tweed and shapes of Great Britain
  • Louise Gardiner shares her love of machine embroidery and talks about the new Kettle Chips/Kirtsie Allsopp competition
  • Find out how to transfer your motifs to fabric in the Transfer Masterclass
  • Chevron cushions
  • Embroidered picture frame
  • Men's storage basket
  • Dragon's Den panellist, Doug Richard has advice on starting a craft business
  • Highway code coasters
  • Re-upholstered Lloyd Loom chair
  • Stitched baby book
Tutorials include:
  • How to create a classic shirt
  • Lightbox method of transferring
  • Trace and stitch method of transferring
  • Quick tablet case
Finally, giveaways this issue are:
  • Gutermann neon thread packs
  • Doug Richards' book, How To Create a Creative Business: The Jargon Free Guide For Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Hemline Tacky Glue
  • Bright Batik Quilt Patchwork kit
  • Sewing machine, Innov-is 350 Special Edition

This  is such a great issue that it means I am already looking forward to next month's issue with great anticipation.  It comes with a free New Look dress pattern and had loads of great looking projects.  It is out on 14 June 2013.

Happy Crafting!


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