Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 30

Soooooo, do you like my new look blog?  I was getting bored of the vintage pink, so decided to go for fabulous orange instead.

Anyway, only a couple of days late, I bring you my review of the latest issue of Simply Homemade.

It hit the shops on Friday and comes with a free recipe box kit, and as always, the first project in the magazine is how to make up your free kit.

I quite like Art Noveau, which has some beautiful lilac glass painting featuring flower motifs.  These could easily be adapted to other colours.  There are vases, wine glasses, mirrors and window hangings.  All the templates are included in the magazine.

Staying with the flower theme, there are some nifty creations using flower-shaped shrink plastic.  These also stick with the lilac theme too.  There is a hair clip, which looks very pretty, a necklace, a gift bag and some decorative pieces too

I want to try out the chutney recipes featured in the magazine - tomato & pepper, and mango, both of which sound absolutely delicious.

I also would love to try (but probably never will) the crocheted bag made from granny squares, some with an added flower.  My big sister crochets - I might suggest that she might like to make this for me.  Or, I could learn to crochet - the first one is the most likely option though.

Other projects this issue include:

  • felted satchel
  • log cabin quilt table cover
  • candle holder
  • nature-inspired cutlery holder & mug cosy
  • fluffy vintage-inspired pin cushions
  • patchwork quilt
  • cards, kindle covers and decorations featuring music and lyrics
  • steampunk-style wall art
  • crocheted desk games, including snooker, tenpin bowling and basketball
  • teddy bears

Giveaways this issue are:
  • £500 of The Bead Shop vouchers
  • Berisfords ribbons sets
  • decorative drawers
  • The Soapmaker's Companion book
  • Dremel hobby kit
  • Molly Felicity Designs sets
  • Botanical Sticky Memos pads
  • Dreamees sets

The next issue is out on 13 June and comes with a free stamp set and coordinating papers.

Happy Crafting!


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