Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sooo Spoiled

Soooo, I just have to share with you the pretty new Cath Kidston sewing box I got as my leaving present from work yesterday:

It's so lovely.  I feel so spoiled, which I already know that I am and my darling hubby will confirm whenever asked.

It originally came full of sweets and my all time favourite drink - Tab!  But I spent last night sorting out.

No longer do I have a corner of my desk covered in bags filled with thread, zips, binding etc.  Everything is all neat and tidy in my new sewing box, which is at least four times the size of my old one.  It even fits my scissors and pinking shears in the bottom.

Now, I have a wedding to go to today, but I will be putting my new present to good use tomorrow on my recovery day.

Here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on for my friend, Carly.  She is coming for her fitting on Saturday, so maybe I will have a finished product  to show you at the weekend.  It is going to be so lovely:

Supposed I'd best go get ready now.  I made the dress and petticoat myself  Fingers crossed the weather stays dry.

Happy Crafting!


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