Saturday, 11 May 2013

Waste Not, Want Not

Sooo, following on from my maxi dress post (I'm just making another for my auntie Jo), I had a bit of fabric left over.  Not enough to make anything for myself though.  Sooooooo, I made my niece a little top for her birthday:

I can't believe she is 8!  I was still a teenager when she was born.  Scary bananas!

I based it on the same pattern as my maxi dress, just smaller.

She seems to like it, although is still asking for me to make her a dress.  I swear, my nieces cost me a fortune in fabric.  I am dreading them becoming teenagers . . .

Anyway, I thought I would enter this into the latest Flutterby Wednesdays challenge, which is an open challenge.  I sometimes enter cards from my Fairy Elephants blog onto this challenge site, but there is nothing that says it has to be a card or papercraft (I did check the rules).  So, fingers crossed.

I have a few more pieces to share with you, which I will write about soon.

Happy Crafting!


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