Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 31

Sooooo, this issue has been published a week late.  I got an email from Simply Homemade telling me that this was due to a problem with the free gift, which this month is a stamp set and papers.  Anyway, it arrived through the door on Saturday and I think it should hit the shops today.

I'm already a bit unsure as to whether or not to cancel my subscription to Simply Homemade, and it being published late is not helping me decide to carry on.  Anyway, I still have another couple of issues to go on this subscription, so it is now down to the content of each issue between now and then.

So, let's see how this one faired . . .

As usual, the first project in the magazine has ideas for using your free gift, mostly cards.

I really really want to try the croissant recipe, but I am supposed to be being good, and it uses 500g of butter.  Maybe it is a recipe I should save for a special occasion, or when I've had a really bad week, as they take two whole days to make!

I'm interested in the projects in Fun With Felt.  They look interesting and a little bit different.  They involve (mostly) felt characters decorating everyday items, including some pirate book ends, a ballet dancer bag, a scarecrow plant decoration and a baker clock.  As usual, all the templates are printed in the magazine.

I liked the interview with Liz Goodwin of Lilibet's Buttons, who makes cute and gorgeous polymer clay buttons, including cupcakes, liquorice allsorts, Russian dolls, and many many more.  I think this is something I would like to have a go at.

I am going to have a go at the knitting bucket, which has room for needles, crochet hooks and lots of wool.  I have a few knitters in my life, so I am thinking of making some of these for Christmas presents.  I know it is six months away, but I am determined to be organised this year instead of running around like a fool the week before Christmas like I did last year.

Other projects this issue include:

  • how to make soaps, from scratch
  • wrapping papers and wrapping ideas
  • a crocheted clock
  • a nursery set, including teddy bear mobile, quilt and plaque
  • a picnic/summer set, including glass etching on glasses and jugs and summery candles, along with a summery tray to carry everything on and a plant pot
  • knitted bag
  • knitted clutch bag/purse and matching watch
  • paper piecing projects with Digistamp Boutique images
Giveaways this issue are:

  • Heritage Crafts Baby Sitting cross-stitch kits
  • Sisters Guild 1950s cushion
  • Rubbished Revamped craft booklets
  • Pony children's craft sets
  • Hemline sets
  • Made BY Dad books
  • tickets to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts shows
  • Creative Crafting World memberships
  • daylight StarMag LED lights
  • Dizzy Dots Family Keepsake plaques
  • Natural Empathy set
  • Gutermann Sewing and Tweezer sets
  • PFAFF sewing machine
I'm still not sure about whether to renew my subscription or not, as I am starting to feel that, other than a couple of projects, the magazine is now just repeating the same projects over and over again, with just a few tweaks here and there.  My reviews are becoming more of the 'other' list, rather than the projects I am really interested in.  There are, however, a couple of issues left to go with my subscription, so I will wait and see what they bring before making a final decision.

The next issue should be out on 11th July 2013 and comes with a pinwheel template, paper pack and brads.

Happy Crafting!


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