Saturday, 1 June 2013

Skull & Crossbones

Sooo, I apologise in advance in if I rant a little on this post . . .

Today I have a dress to share with you that I made for a so-called friend.  I say friend, but I more just class her as a (soon to be ex-) colleague now.

This dress was made using a pattern I got free with Sew magazine at some point last year (sorry I can't remember which issue, it seems so long ago) and I was asked to make a dress.  I agreed to do it for free, as I really don't like to charge my friends for anything, all she had to do was buy the fabric, which she did.

I didn't start on the dress straight away, but I didn't take too long over it, and had it cut out within a few weeks, and then tacked up ready for the first fitting.

We arranged for the first fitting sometime in October I believe and off I went, an hour's drive to this girl's house.  When I got there, however, she was too busy watching a film to get the dress fitted, so it didn't happen that night.  

No between then and Xmas, not only did I have my wedding to sort, but I was also quite poorly and undergoing a lot of tests to find out what was wrong with me.  The biggest symptom was that I was permanently exhausted, and therefore, I admit, I did no further work on the dress.

Anyway, after Xmas, I'd not only had a diagnosis (pernicious anaemia - severe lack of B12), but also some treatment (B12 injections), so I was feeling well enough to stay up long enough on a night and weekend (i.e. not falling asleep the minute I got home/half an hour after getting up) to get on with some more work.  So, I decided that instead of just leaving it tacked for the first fitting, I would sew up the seams and tack in the zip. This I did, and told the 'customer' that it was ready for fitting, whenever she could make it across to my house for it, as I didn't want to trail all the way to Selby again and as I fit with pins, I didn't want to risk losing a pin in transit.

Anyway, this never happened.  She was expecting me to do the fitting at work, and I just wasn't willing to do this - a workplace ladies toilets is not the best place to do a fitting after all.  So, it just got left, me waiting for her to come across to me for a fitting.

Everything came to a head a couple of weeks ago when another person I work with, who I consider a friend, asked me to make her 50's style dress for a hen night she is attending in June.  Unfortunately, my friend sits next to this other girl at work and heard of this.  Queue an obnoxious email saying she no longer wants the dress I was making for her as obviously I am never going to finish it, and her telling my friend that I will just let her down and not to trust me.  Incensed is not the word for what I was feeling at this, but I can't think of a stronger one.  I was not the one messing her about.

Anyway, I decided that I would finish off her dress without fitting, which is exactly what I did that weekend.

Sorry,  this is turning into more of a rant than I  thought.

I added the lining and inserted the zip.  I then hemmed the dress with a double row of stitching, as I thought this looked better than just the one.

I could have been tempted to just leave it as it was, but my nature means that if I have started something, I want to finish it.

My annoyance at the situation however did mean that I was able to not press the dress (hence the creases) and not finish the inside seams properly - they are still a bit messy, and I usually like to neaten them up.  I think the dress will be too big anyway, so will no doubt be taken apart to be fitted by someone else, so there was no point neatening up the seams.

Anyway, under normal circumstances, I would like this dress.  I would be proud of myself, as it is the first time I have sewn princess seams, enclosed a zip and added sleeves.  I'm struggling to like it though because of the circumstances in which it was finished, and the fact that the black fabric was awful to work with - it immediately frayed and it picks up every speck of dirt in the atmosphere. 

Maybe I will have to make myself a dress from this patter to make me like it.  I'm thinking red heavyweight cotton with a red rose patterned centrepiece.  I have a few more projects in the pipeline first though, which I will be sharing with you.  I also need to get back to some baking.

Happy Crafting!


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