Monday, 24 June 2013

The Helmsley

Soooooo, I had a bit of a sewing day on Saturday just gone.  Not much for myself though - a dress for my friend's little girl and I fixed the zip on the dress I made for my friend Carly, after she broke it on the first wear!!!!!

Anyway, once I had done all that (and bruised my hand getting in a bad mood with the zip and smacking the wall in frustration), I decided to calm myself down by making myself a little top.

The pattern I used is a freebie from Colette Patterns and can be found here.

I used some fabric that Philip bought me when we last went to see my auntie and uncle in Helmsley, hence I have decided to call this top 'The Helmsley'.  It is a gorgeous silky cotton, perfect for summer.  I was originally going to make myself a maxi dress with it, but found this pattern and decided otherwise.  Plus, I'd realised that I could do with a few more casual/weekend tops, as all I seem to have is work clothes.  Is it strange that that is what I am comfier in?

Anyway, I had some white satin bias tape in my sewing box (can't remember what I bought it for), so thought that it would be perfect for this top.

The pattern was really easy to print out and put together (unlike some print out patterns I have used in the past).  The top is only two pieces of fabric, so really easy to cut out.

I was worried a bit about doing the pleat in the front, but it was actually really easy.  I've learned to keep my little travel iron on hand for pressing.

My main problem with it was all the fitting I had to do to make it fit my funny shape - but that is not the pattern's fault, that is my fault for being a funny shape.  The pattern only had one dart in either side on the bust.  My finished top has about twenty darts in it.  OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it felt like that when I made it.  There are two extra darts in the bottom to stop it looking like a tent (I had to cut an 18 to fit around my bust, but my waist and hips are more of a 14) and one extra in either side of the bust, as well as making the existing darts bigger.

I was also a bit worried about the bias binding bit.  I have used bias tape before (on my shower caps), but this needed to be neater and I wanted the edges where the tape meets to look neat.  Luckily, the instructions which come with the pattern are very clear and simple to follow to achieve a neat, professional finish to the 'meeting' of the bias tape.

Anyway, I wore it on Sunday and my big sister has decided she wants one, the step-mother seemed to like it, and the mother, as always, was just surprised that I had made anything, and sounds more and more like my grandmother every day - 'never thought it would be you sewing'.  Yeah well, neither did I!

I have some more Colette patterns that I might try.  I will keep you posted

Happy Crafting!


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