Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Crafty Creatives

Sooooo, I have been waiting patiently for about two weeks for my first Crafty Creatives box to arrive, which it finally did on Friday last week.

For those of you who have not heard of Crafty Creatives before, it is kind of a subscription service to receive a box of crafting goodies each month.  The boxes are £10 each plus P&P (which is £2.95 in the UK, but they do post overseas).  You never know what you are going to get each month, and the contents are kept very secret until a few days after the boxes have been posted to give everyone chance to get their goodies.  Each box has a theme, and for this months (which is actually box 13), the theme was florals.

This is the 'birthday box' as Crafty Creatives is one year old this month and they decided to go with the theme of their first ever box, which was also florals.  I can't believe this company has been going a whole year and I have only just heard about it.  I think I am already addicted and that is just from this first box.  Definitely worth the tenner a month I think.  You certainly get your money's worth.

In this box, the goodies included are:
  • a birthday balloon (well, what's a birthday without a balloon
  • green card/paper
  • yellow card/paper
  • pink felt
  • yellow felt
  • crepe paper roll
  • pink stocking material
  • 0.4mm florist wire
  • copper wire
  • florists tape
  • blank hair grip
  • polystyrene ball
  • pretty wooden floral buttons (I want more of these)
  • blue seed beads
  • purple seed beads
  • red flower stamens
  • purple diecut flower shapes
  • tag
  • cream resin (I think) heart charm
  • metal hummingbird charm

I think I have got everything, sorry if I've missed anything, but do you see what I mean about getting value for money?

It all comes wrapped in some pretty paper and packed in a little brown shoebox, which is great for keeping all your bits and pieces in, and once I have used everything/sorted it into my craft stash, it will be great for storing bits and pieces of my stash.

This month there are also instructions on how to make five flower types:
  1. felt flower
  2. stocking flower
  3. french beaded flower
  4. paper rose hairslide
  5. crepe paper flower bunch

I probably won't try all of these, but I have already made the french beaded flower with some success (I will blog about this later this week).

I certainly want to try the stocking flower and probably one or two of the other items.  I can't wait to try everything and see what else I can make.

As always, I will keep you updated with what I make.

Happy Crafting!


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