Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Papercrafter - Issue 63

Soooo, after having a tidy up of my craft room with the major help of my hubby (I basically just supervised and sorted out my fabric - it's too warm for cleaning up and tidying) I have finally sat down to write my review of Papercrafter.  Fingers crossed my internet doesn't die on me - it is running so slow at the moment :-(  Mr internet man is supposedly coming to look at it on Saturday and it had better get faster.  It's driving both me and hubby insane as he relies on it for his work and I rely on it for the blog and my Etsy shop etc.

Scrap that, internet gave up entirely while I was writing this, so sorry for the delay in posting this.  Mr Internet man did come to  try and fix the internet on Saturday - turns out it was a problem with the phone line, and the poor man had to go all the way to the telephone exchange to fix it.  Then we have had intermittent power cuts all weekend, affecting the wireless, so this has been written in bits, as and when I had internet access.  I finally got it finished last night (Sunday), so I could post it.

Anyway, enough moaning and grumbling from me, shall we get on with the magazine?

This issue has actually been out for a week already, but I have had other magazines that came out first to review, and in all honesty it has been far too warm to be doing anything other than sleeping this week.  I;ve also had a super busy week at work, so writing has been the last thing I have wanted to do when I get home.  In fact, sleeping has been my preferred option all round.  I think (according to the BBC anyway) it is supposed to start to cool down from the weekend, but we shall see.  I do like the sunshine, I would just prefer to be able to sit in it all day, rather than have to go to work, as the heat is oh so tiring.  Basically, I need to be a lady of leisure.

This issue comes with the usual cardmaking kit and paper pack, some of which I put to use straight away to wrap my boss' birthday present up, as we had bought her a present, but forgot the wrapping paper.  As luck would have it, I threw the magazine, pack and all in my work bag to read at lunch, so we used some of the paper from the paper pack.  My boss commented on how lovely the wrapping paper was.  Little does she know . . . .

I adore the little beach huts in the first project in the magazine, which has a distinctly nautical theme.  Unfortunately, other than decorative, I can see no use for them, so it is unlikely that I will make these.  Even decorative things have to have a purpose in my house - I don't have room for purely decorative items.  The seaside decoration wall hanging I could make, although only decorative, I would make it for one of the nieces for their bedroom.  there is also a quilled artwork, some cards, a mobile and some little hanging decorations in this project feature.

Having spent the best part of one evening and anticipating another tidying my craftroom, I have a great appreciation for the little crafty caddies featured in the magazine.  I'm thinking maybe a selection of stackable ones would be just what I am after (as long as I don't knock them over).

The origami clock is interesting, made from an old map.  I like the 'differentness' of it and in fairness it does look pretty.  It can also be easily adapted to other papers to suit other decors.

Other projects this issue include:
  • Quilling masterclass, featuring quilled cards, decoaration and elaborate artwork
  • Calligraphy
  • lots of cards
  • hand bound journal
  • paper cutting
  • beach-inspired scrapbooking layout
  • beach hut photo concertina album
  • sunny greetings
  • Dad birthday card
  • stitched seaside themed tags, cards and pictures
  • dreamcatcher
  • embossed makes
  • crafters' guide to wedding stationary
  • granny purse tags
  • wish pockets

Giveaways this issue include:

  • Berisfords ribbons
  • Past Times Quilling goodies
  • Stampin' Up! goodies
  • tickets to the Sincerely Yours craft shows
  • Affix It Super Sticky Sets
  • tickets to the Young At Heart show

The next issue is out on 16th August and the pack has Christmas stuff in it.  This starting to prepare for Christmas thing is really starting to concern me.  Mind you, maybe it is a good thing, last year I was so disorganised that I am determined to be sorted and ready this year.  In fact, I plan to have pretty much everything sorted before I go on holiday at the end of August.  Too organised you say?  After my running around like a headless chicken act the week before Christmas last year, I think there can be no such thing as to organised this year.

Anyway, now that my craft room is tidy(ish) once more I'm hoping to find time and inspiration to do some more crafting.  There is loads that I want to do, so hopefully you will start to see some new projects from me very very soon.

In the meantime . . .

Happy Crafting!


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