Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Sew - Issue 50

Soooo, I was excited about getting this month's issue of Sew, as I knew that it had a gorgeous maxi dress pattern with it, that I intend to make for my little sister.  She's away for a few months, and asked me to make her some maxis for when she gets back.  She seems to like the one I made her last time she was home, which I've just realised I never blogged about.  I shall rectify that soon, so please keep an eye out on Teapots and Tantrums.  In the meantime, here is a little picture of it:

Anyway, back to the pattern . . . not only is it a pattern for a maxi dress, but also for a 3/4 sleeved tunic, which I think would suit my other sister, so I could be really mean and make them matching . . . mwahahahaha . . . or I could be nice and make them non-matching.

There are also loads of examples of maxi dress patterns if you fancy doing something a bit different.

Dressmaking SOS has advice on sewing sleeves.  I read with interet the bit on cuffs as I would really like to make the hubby a shirt or three - his are all getting a bit old and he never does any clothes shopping.  (For the record - his will be French Link cuffs)  However, facing a sleeve hem totally confused me.  Maybe it is just my blondeness showing through, or maybe it will make more sense should I ever get around to making said shirts for the hubby.

I read with great interest Around the Block.  I would love to one day be able to design my own patterns, and I know that this is the starting place.  For a funny shape like me, it is probably essential and would save me having to do lots and lots of fitting.  There is loads of information.  I am still a little confused, but I have read it a few times now and it makes a little more sense each time I read it, so maybe a few more times and it will make perfect sense for me!

I also enjoyed reading Steph Durrant's trials and tribulations when making her own tunic at a Dress in a Day course at Homemade London.  The fabric she used is so very pretty and it seems that she had a very successful day.  I think to be able to make a dress in a day is a feat in itself - the first one I made took four days in total I think.

I adore the girl's t-shirt dress and want to make one each for my nieces (different colours of course).  I don't think these would be very expensive to make either - a plain t-shirt (I think you can get them for about £2 for kids), some white cotton and a couple of fat quarters of patterned cotton and some bia binding . . . voila!  one very pretty dress any little girl would love.  Maybe when I find time I will make one of these each for the nieces, although it is likely that once I find time, they will both be far too old for them.

I think I might have to make time to make myself the gorgeous laptop case as my now not so new laptop still doesn't have a case for me to carry it round in, and it tends to go all over at the weekends, just perched on my car passenger seat.  A case would be so much better.  I don't think I have the patience for tie-dyeing anything to get that effect, but would instead just use some pretty patterned fabric, lots of which I have lying around at home. 

I also might have to make Elisabeth Cockrell's clutch bag out of some pretty patterned fabric, rather than cross stitching the design - I don't have much patience (or time) for cross stitching.  I like the pom pom edge though.  It looks pretty simple to make and I do like my clutch bags.

I love love love the eBook reader cover.  My current Kindle cover is getting to be a bit on its last legs, so this is something I need to consider making in the future.  I love that it has pockets (my current one does not and I think it is a very good idea).  I also love the ode to penguin fabric that it is made from and I am going to have to buy some of this.  I might have to buy enough to make myself a dress too, as it is perfect for a bookworm like me.

Just realised how much I am going on on this review - surely it is the sign of a good issue?

Anyway, moving on . . .

I loved the wendy house so much that I took a picture of the magazine page and sent it to my sister whilst I was on the first read through of the magazine.   Now, we had blanket dens when we were kids (usually over the washing line or the backs of chairs), but they were nothing compared to this one, which has windows, a door and lots of detail appliqued to the blanket.  I think my sister was hinting at me to make her one for the girls, but  we shall see.  I have so much on my to do list that I'm not sure I will have time to fit this on for this summer.  Maybe it can be a spring project next year in time for summer and fingers crossed we have another lovely summer like this (although it did take long enough to arrive).

The embroiders director's chairs, embroidered with poppy and floral motifs, are so very pretty.  I think that once I have decorated my kitchen in the style I would like (this could take another five years!), these would be go perfectly.  They would also make a great outdoor set.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • liberty baby vests
  • sewing holidays
  • Emma Curtis and Elizabeth Parnell of Hamble & Jemima discuss their bags designs
  • sew a fabric beach hut
  • marmalade quilt
  • laundry set, including a peg bag and laundry bags
  • applique rug
  • oilcloth picnic set including floor cushions and picnic mat
  • monster book bags
  • Tilda dolly
  • explorer bags, including a belt bag and notebook bag made from map-printed fabric

As always, there are lots of pretty fabrics.  I think I want them all!!!

Tutorials this issue include:
  • How to create a cut-out back
  • How to attach lining to a sleeve
Finally, the giveaways this issue are:
  • Purelight 4-in-1 magnifying lamp
  • Valori Wells Cocoon fat quarter bundle
  • tickets to the Stitch, Sew and Hobbycrafts Show
  • eXperience 600 sewing machine.
I can't wait for next month's issue, which comes with a free applique cushion pattern and a downloadable gorgeous dress pattern.  It is out on 9th August.  First though, I'd best get working on some of the projects from this issue.

Happy Crafting!


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