Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review: Simply Homemade - Issue 32

Soooo, we're coming up to about a year I think of me getting this magazine, and unfortunately, it has to be said that this could be my last review, as this is one of the magazines I am losing in my subscription cull, as I very rarely make anything from it, I think there are magazines out there more suited to me, and I've come to think that each issue if very samey.  Don't get me wrong, every now and again something amazing is featured, but otherwise projects seem to be recycled in a different colour.

Gosh, I sound grumpy today don't I?

Many apologies - I don't mean to.

Anyway, shall we see how this month's issue faired?  See if it can change my mind?

So, this issue comes with a free pinwheel template, together with some brads and some patterned papers with which to make your pinwheels.  Personally, I don't think that you need a template to make pinwheels - they are easy enough to make from a simple square of paper, but for those that like to be guided or have never made them before, I suppose its not really a bad idea.  I like the papers and the brads are pretty.  

The first project in the magazine is a step-by-step on how to make the pinwheels, which also features some ideas for putting them to use, other than as mini windmills, which although traditional will keep the kids (actual and older) entertained for hours on end.

I like the Doodle Art feature, which has pumps and cushions decorated using fabric pens.  The freedom to do whatever design you want is great on these projects.

I also like the projects in Piece By Piece, which are little works of art made using digi products, i.e. stamps and papers, manipulated using computer software and then printed to make some gorgeous gifts.

Other projects and features this issue include:
  • beach bags, windbreakers and picnic blankets for the beach
  • granny square blanket
  • vintage-inspired paraphernalia for your sewing room, including needle cases, storage and pin cushions
  • Interview with Gillian Harris, owner of Gilliangladrag
  • Felt bag
  • crocheted scarf
  • mixed media projects, including a pen pot, bookmark, note card, photoframe, sticky notes cover
  • baby girl gifts, including frames, a mini chest of drawers, gift bag, treasure boxes and letters
  • apple-themed kitchen goodies, including a tray, quilt and fabric apples
  • knitted mouse toy
  • Battenburg recipe

The one thing I always like in Simply Homemade is the sheer amount, and quality, of giveaways.  This issue include:
  • £500 of Paper Cellar goodies
  • Sew Easy ascending square templates
  • Geekly Chic fat quarter bundle
  • book, How To Start a Creative Business
  • Little Dress Kits
  • book, Fabric Surface Design
  • CD-Roms, Wedding Cupcakes & Baking and Decorating Cupcakes
  • Heritage Crafts cross-stitch set
  • Gutermann HT2 glue kit
  • Springwood House Designs Ring of Hearts
  • book, This Belongs to Me
  • Seek It Out Union Jack Tea Cosy kits
Sooo, I don't think that this issue has managed to change my mind and there is not a project that I really want to do.

The next issue if out on 8th August and has lots of freebies.

Happy Crafting!


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