Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Soooooo, I think given the serious change in weather we have had in the UK over the last few days, we should all be sporting some very fetching shower caps whenever we venture outside.  I can't believe how much the weather has changed.  I am not complaining though, as I do like a good thunderstorm, and (ever the optimist) I am hoping they will clear the air to bring lots more sunshine for the rest of the summer.  I do, however, think that my arms and face are the brownest they are going to be (which is not very), but my legs need some serious work, despite me actually letting them see the light of day quite a bit this year.  I am beginning to think that this is one of the perils of having a soft-top car - no matter what, when I am driving around enjoying the sunshine and the breeze driving around in the car creates, my legs are still covered.  Now, I supposed I could take to walking, but I love my car so much that I live to drive it at every opportunity, especially with the top down. 

Anyway, back to the rubbish weather and the need for shower caps when we step out of doors, luckily, I have been putting together some make your own shower cap kits, which are now available in my Etsy shop.

I was inspired by the make your own knickers kit my darling hubby bought me a few months ago, and the shower cap kit idea has been bobbing around in my head ever since then.

I currently have three different patterns of fabric available for the kits at the moment, but more will be in the pipeline if these prove to be good sellers.  There is also a choice of binding.

The kits contain everything you need to create the shower cap, bar the sewing machine and some thread:

Waterproof fabric
Bias binding

I am hoping the instructions are very clear, but as I have written them for me, and I am useless when it comes to following instructions, they should be pretty simple.

I am putting them on a special introductory price for next two weeks of £5.95, and then they will go up to £8.95, so get your orders in now.

If you do buy one, please send me your finished product.  I love to see other people's creations.

Happy Crafting!


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