Monday, 5 August 2013

Freya Isobel

Soooo, today I would like to share with you a card-type thing I made as an order for my friend, Carly.

Originally, the order was for a card, but the Carly asked if I could instead do something similar to a plaque, that she could put in a nice frame, and I was happy to oblige.

So, Carly ordered this for a friend, who had recently given birth to a little girl, Freya Isobel, and wanted to have a photo of Freya, and her birth details on.  This is a common order from Carly when her friends have babies, so I am quite used to doing them.  I do like to make every one different though.

As Cary wanted a photo-plaque-type thing, I decided to make her gift photo-size and went for an 8x6 size. 

I covered some plain card with some pink dotty paper from my stash, which already had a border at the bottom, so I didn't have to add ribbon, which I was very pleased about as I knew that I would have to make this particular project as flat as possible so that it would go in an ordinary photoframe, rather than making Carly track down a decoupage frame.  

Carly sent me a photo and I printed this out to 6x4 size and die-cut it into a circle.

I then die-cut a scalloped circle from plain white card.  Luckily, it worked out perfect that I could stamp a letter of Freya's full name into each scallop and it fit brilliantly.  I stamped the letters in black and coloured with a pale pink promarker.  I added clear gems between each name to add some sparkle.  I attached this to the left-hand side of the card-plaque.

I then stamped 'Welcome Little One' and Freya's date of birth onto another plain piece of white card and cut this to a rectangle.  Again, I stamped in black and coloured pale pink.  I also added some clear gems between the numbers of her birth date to tie in with the name part and to add some more sparkle.

I bordered this with some sticky-back ribbon I found in my stash.  I mitered the corners, but messed up the bottom right hand corner a little.  Not to worry - I found some flattish pink flowers on my stash, so that covered it up niceley.

That pink flower was part of a set, which also included another flower and a heart that I also decided to use.  The heart was perfect for writing Freya's birth weight in.

To finish, I added the sparkly 'baby' embellishment in the bottom right hand corner.  This was the most difficult part of the card, as I knew that I had this embellishment, but could I find it?!  Most stressful, as before I started this card, I decided that my roots needed doing, so I'd put my hair dye on, thinking that the 45 minutes it takes to 'cook' would give me enough time to make the card-plaque.  And it would have done if I'd been able to find everything.  As it was, I pretty much emptied every drawer in my craft room looking for this embellishment, which resulted in me leaving my hair dye on for too long - ooops!  It now has a slight purple tint to it.  To be fair, I've done this before.  I do seem to have problems following instructions don't I?  

Never mind, I did get the card-plaque finished, and Carly seemed to love it when I met her for a coffee and a gossip the next day.

Happy Crafting!


Arty shot taken by the husband practicing with his new camera

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