Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Sew Magazine - Issue 51 (September 2013)

Soooo, this issue fell through the letter box last Wednesday and I had a very big decision to make.  Do I sit down and read the magazine, or do my ironing, which is threatening to crawl out of the basket and make its own way downstairs to the ironing board.  If only it would actually iron itself . . .

Anyway, you can probably guess which won - I sat on the sofa and had a quick look through the magazine.  Then I got distracted and cut out the pattern for a dress I am making my sister.  Then I sat back on the sofa and started reading the magazine properly.  No ironing got done, and at the time of writing this, the ironing still hasn't been done.  As I am now running out of clothes though, I'd best get it done soon. 

So, this issue comes with a free Simplicity applique cushion pattern.  I am usually more interested in the clothing patterns, but these cushions are pretty, so should I ever find myself with some free time I may have a go at one or two of them.  The 3-D flower cushions are by far my favourite.  As always, one of the first projects in the magazine is some ideas and tips on using the free pattern.

I absolutely love the next project, which is a pleat front dress with the pattern downloadable from the Sew website.  There are sleeve variations available, meaning it can be perfect for the sunny weather we have been having recently, or for when the cold starts to set in an a few weeks (or days as this is the UK and you never really know).  I am not usually one for sleeves in dresses, preferring to just layer up with a cardigan, but I think this would be a good dress to practice setting in sleeves on.  I intend to have a go at this anyway, so I might as well add sleeves.  The dresses in the magazine are both made from floral fabrics, but I would be tempted to go for a plain fabric, maybe in purple or green, as I think the floral fabrics (or maybe it is just the ones shown in the magazine, or the styling of the dresses) are a bit 'old'. 

This project is followed up by a shift-dress feature with loads of different patterns to make the perfect shift dress.

I was very interested reading the swimwear masterclass.  I love the idea of making my own swimming costume or tankini (never a bikini with my jelly belly) as I usually have to pay a minimum of £50 for a costume as I need the extra support and underwire that you just can't get on the high street, so to be able to make my own would be amazing.  Although, before reading this article I had never even considered it.  Now, I may have to lose some jelly belly so that I can make the bikini with the free downloadable pattern.

It was interesting to read the stories of the George G21 Talent and Kidswear winners from London Fashion week.  These are really talented people and have some gorgeous creations that have been or will be in George collections.

I like the sewing machine cover made with printable fabric.  I may have a go at making this (minus the printable fabric) as my current sewing machine cover is a bit boring and plain white. 

There are a couple of tutorials in this issue, including:
  • How to make shoulder cut out
  • How to attach a bra slider set
Other projects and features this issue include:
  • Dressmaking SOS has advice on sewing lingerie, including edging, adding lace and corseting
  • Wrap skirt
  • Hexagon handbag
  • floral mug rug
  • patchwork teacups
  • Pearl Lowe tells of her love of vintage
  • Cath Kidston shares her story
  • nautical doorstop and sign
  • upcycled quilt
  • gypsy rose embroidered footstool
  • mixtape cushion
  • meet the winner of the Kettle Chips & Kirstie Allsop's craft challenge
  • lace pouches
  • vintage handbag
  • kids' wall plaque and 'keep out' door sign

Giveaway this issues are:
  • Janome 9300DX overlocker
  • Gutermann Ring A Roses fabric
  • book and CD-Rom, Draping: The Complete Course

The next issue is out on 13th September and comes with a free Simplicity Christmas decorations pattern.

Happy Crafting!


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