Sunday, 18 August 2013

Strawberry Fields

Soooo, today I would like to share with you a dress I have made from a gorgeous Simplicity pattern.  It has taken me a while and it  has been unpicked a fair few times in the making, but I really like the finished product and will probably be making myself a few more from this pattern, hopefully a bit quicker and right first time.

I think this dress is one of those that definitely looks better on

The pattern has a few options - the dress I have made, a different neckline, a long evening version and sleeves.  I think I might make myself a sleeved version for winter and should I have an event to go to I might make myself a long evening version too.

I have had the fabric, which is just a simply polycotton, for this dress for ages, but other projects got in the way.  So, about six weeks ago, I had one of my many 'mad' moments and decided to just get on with it.  So, I sat one afternoon and cut the pattern papers out.  I then left it a few days, figuring that, as the weather was so nice at the time, it was far too warm to be sewing as I have nowhere to be sewing outside at my house.  

A few days later, I had a day where I was stuck in the house as my hayfever was so bad I couldn't  go outside - I could barely open my eyes inside.  I'm glad to say that it has not been that bad since.  I have got myself some hayfever tablets now, so hopefully I won't have another day like that.  

Anyway, some good came out of it, as I finally got my fabric cut.  I did my usual, cut a size too big as I have found up to now that the patterns are a little on the small side.  Anyway, the finished product has shown me that I could have got away with cutting my usual size.

I think it took me two weeks on and off to make the bodice bit.  I also think I unpicked it a fair few times before I got it right.  My excuse is that my B12 was running really low and as such I was tired and struggling to follow instructions properly.  I do seem to have had a period of struggling to follow instructions.  I've had my B12 injection now, so hopefully things will start improving.  The bit I got wrong the most times and really really struggled to understand was attaching the lining to the main bodice along the shoulders and arm holes.  I attempted this three times and sat and thought about it for the best part of a week before I got it right.  Anyway, get it right in the end I did.  I do love the cross-over sweetheart neckline, so it was definitely worth the struggle.  This shape really seems to suit me.

Not the best picture, but you can just about make out the cross-over on the bust

From there, the skirt was quite simple to put together.  I then attached it to the bodice.  I had tried to measure it so the lines ran straight from the bodice onto the skirt.  I didn't get it quite right, but neither did I have the energy to take it apart and do it again.

When it came to fitting, I was pleased to note that, although I could have probably got away with cutting a smaller size, not too many adjustments were needed.  I changed the shape of the skirt slightly so that it was more of a pencil skirt shape, which is my favoured shape as it gives me curves on the hips. It also gives the dress the look of a wiggle dress.  I also had to add some small darts on the armholes as they gaped a little.  This also stopped them falling off my shoulders, as although I am quite big all over (size 16), I have quite a narrow back and shoulders, so cutting the bigger size meant that the shoulder straps were quite far apart.  I know next time to cut a size 16, which should hopefully eliminate this.  

Anyway, I wore the dress to work last week and my boss liked it anyway.

Now, I just have to decide what fabric to make the next one out of and get practicing my set-in sleeves.  

Happy Crafting!


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