Thursday, 15 August 2013

Stocking Flower

Soooo, today I have another project I have made from the latest Crafty Creatives box.  I feel that I should really get a move on with these projects, as I do love them all, but I just haven't had time recently and the next box will be due any day now.

This is the stocking flower:

I found this really simple to make and I love it.

They are made from five individually made petals and some stamens.

My first petal

All the instructions were in the box, along with all the materials (wire, stamens, stocking fabric, florist tape), although I used my own florist tape, as I had a pack open and didn't want to open the pack from the box if I could use mine.  The pack from my box has kindly made its way to my stash.  All I had to add was some coordinating cotton, and which self-respecting crafter doesn't have some cotton lying around anyway.

I think I could really get addicted to making these so I am now on the look out for coloured tights, which is effectively what it is made out of, and I already have loads of wire, on top of that in the box, from various other projects.

I'm tempted to make some bigger ones and arrange them into a bouquet as decoration for my house.  Also, as I have been thinking about Christmas loads recently, I might make some Christmas themed ones too.

As always, I'll keep you updated. 

Happy Crafting!


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