Friday, 2 August 2013

Too Much Tulle?

Soooo, the reason I have not been doing too much new crafting in recent weeks is because I have been drowning in tulle - not that I am complaining as I have really enjoyed making these orders (three from America no less), but they have been a bit time consuming.

My first order was for a two-layer white petticoat for a bride in Seattle, and this is the finished product:

As it was for her wedding, I added a band of blue around the bottom edge of the waistband as her 'something blue'.  It also handily covered up the untidy edge of sewing on the tulle.

I have actually found a new supplier for my tulle and it is super soft tulle which means a lot less itching.  It also has a slight sheeny sparkle to it, which I love.  You can see this a little in the photo above.

I then made my cousin's little girl a tutu for her 3rd birthday.  I followed some instructions I found online, but unfortunately I can't remember which tutorial it was.  If you google tutu though, there are loads of tutorials and they are very similar.

I made this using some purple tulle I had spare from another order (I slightly over ordered . . . so I still have loads of tulle . . .oops!)  This was actually quite simple to make and is loved by all little girls (and slightly bigger girls) I have found as both my nieces have asked for one (they are aged 5 and 8) and I am looking after them on Tuesday, so if the weather is bad, we will be making these together as I still have plenty of black, white and plum tulle left over.

My second order from America (Michigan) was for two custom orders via Etsy.

The first one was for a four-layer black petticoat.

The second one was also a four-layer petticoat, but this time the customer wanted two different colours of tulle.  She chose purple and plum, and I love the combination.

I did have a slight problem with this one in that my usual cotton supplier was out of stock of the coordinating purple cotton.  Therefore, I decided to go for a slightly more luxurious look and feel and used satin instead.  I also used satin for the black petticoat so that they both matched.

I love the effect of the two colours on the purple/plum petticoat and I think I will be making myself some two-tone petticoats.  I also really enjoyed making these, although I have decided that I need a bigger sewing space, as the tulle certainly takes up some room when you start to build up the extra layers.  This resulted in a huuuge tidy-up of my craft room by my husband while I 'supervised', and now I do have a tidier desk and slightly more room.  I think I just need a bigger room in general though, which would mean a bigger house . . . a girl can dream I suppose.

All of these are now available in my Etsy shop, so please check them out.

I have a few more projects in the pipeline, so keep checking both my blog and the shop.

Happy Crafting!


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