Friday, 6 September 2013

Anniversary Candle

Soooo, just a quick post today to share with you an anniversary candle I made as an order from my friend:

She wanted me to base it on the wedding candle I made for one of our mutual friends a few months back (the post can be found here).

It was for her grandma and grandad's 65th wedding anniversary(!!!!) so needed their names and date of wedding on.  It also need to fit in with the theme of blue sapphire, which is the gem for 65 years married.

To incorporate the colour I used blue ribbon, blue heart gems and blue writing for the names and dates.  I'm not too impressed with myself that some of the writing went wonky, but once it is on it can't be corrected, unfortunately.

I also made a little filigree heart from some blue wire in my stash to add to the back, as I thought it looked a bit bare.  I then finished it off with tiny bunches of paper flowers.


My friend, Suzanne, seemed to like it, but no word yet on what her grandparents thought.  

I hope they liked it.

I've updated my wedding candle listing in my Etsy shop to include both the anniversary and flower options.   

Happy Crafting!


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