Monday, 23 September 2013

Crafty Creatives - Box 15

Soooo,  hadn't had the best of days last Wednesday when I got home (late) to find out that my Crafty Creatives Box was waiting for me at the sorting office.  It gave me something to look forward to (and get me through the tedium of having to do the ironing) when the hubby got home and I got to steal the car and go pick it up.  I do like that it arrives on a Wednesday, as that is late night opening at my local sorting office, which means that hubby doesn't have to go pick it up for me Thursday morning and I don't have to wait another whole day for my crafty goodies.  I really am the most impatient person on earth.

I absolutely adore the theme of this month's box - Monochrome - and all the goodies in it.  I am a huge monochrome fan, as it is so clean and appeals to the my inner OCD freak.

I've made a start on the cute little kit that came with the box this month - a felted sheep.  The kit includes the wool (black and cream), a felting needle and a felting block.  Helpfully, the needle does come with a warning that it is part of the kit and very sharp - handy for the clumsy people like me.  

I've not finished the sheep yet as I have been a little bit poorly this weekend (and I now have loads of outstanding projects and even an order that I need to get on with).  All better now though and I hope to get my sheep finished during the week, along with some of my projects (I have Wednesday off to go get my B12 injection and to seem my Auntie Jacky, so I may find time then to do some crafting).  There is enough to make two, so that is a sheep each for the nieces next weekend when I see them  I've not seen them at all this weekend and it has been so quiet.  I was also tempted to attempt a snowman, but I will see how much wool I have left after making the sheep, and how many times I have managed to injure myself - it is a sharp needle after all, and in the words of my darling hubby 'well, you are clumsy aren't you?!'  How rude!

The art card in this box if by the very talented New Zealand (I really want to go there) artist, Jo Newham, and is now bluetacked to my craft room wall.  I do fully intend to get frames for my art cards, but never quite get around to it, so for the time being, they are held on by bluetack.  It doesn't distract at all from their amazingness, and at least they are on display now, instead of just in a little pile on my craft desk.

I absolutely adore the monochrome fabric fat quarter that was in the box.  I have  a few ideas for what I could do with it next time I get my sewing machine out (hopefully soon).  I just wish it was three metres of fabric, rather than a fat quarter, as I think it would make a lovely dress.  Even a metre and a half would do for a pretty work skirt (for which I have a really easy pattern).  Not to panic though, in my inspiration, I have managed to find some similar and will be ordering come payday and making myself a gorgeous dress for work.  I have the pattern I want to use, and the only thing I need to decide is whether I want to add sleeves or not.  Having only done sleeves once before, I feel that I should try them again, but I don't want to wreck my creation.   Maybe I will just add cap sleeves, as I always wear a cardigan in winter anyway, or a little jacket.  I have time to think about this at least, as I also have another dress I want to order the fabric for come payday, and I have the fabric for a pair of trousers that I still haven't started.  I really should get the sewing machine out soon.  I really should maybe take some time off work to get all these projects done, but I have no holidays left to take (other than my upcoming holiday to Tunisia, which I cannot wait for).

Anyway, as usual I am blabbing and going off on a tangent.  

Staying on the sewing theme, I love love love the black and white headed pins, which have gone straight into my sewing box.  My only problems is that I might think that they are too pretty to use!  Also, I have a large sewing box, but I am running out of room in it for all my bits and pieces, so I think I am going to have to buy an additional one pretty soon.  

I think that the domino beads are so cute.  I have yet to think of a use for them.  I had hoped that they were drilled through so that I could make them into some funky earrings, but alas not, and I don't trust myself to drill them.  Maybe one day should I be feeling brave.  I need to find a use for them though as they are so sweet.

Similarly, I love the black and white polymer clay rose, but at the moment can't think of a use for it.  I did consider attaching it to a brooch finding, but I'm not too sure if it would be too heavy?

There are also a few other items that I'm sure I could find a use for.  The graphite pencil and Stabilo sensor pen will be donated to the husband, as he likes to do a bit of graphic design and I can't draw for toffee, so he will get more use out of them.  

I think he was also trying to commandeer the doodlebook.  I may be nice and left him have it, or I may be a horrible wife and keep it for myself, as I think it will make a great little notebook.  I could do with carrying something around to write things down on, as my memory is terrible, and more often than not, I've had a good craft idea, not had anything to write it down in and totally forgotten what it was an hour later (usually less than an hour if I'm totally honest).

There are also some Aubrey Beardsley prints, which I  think I will use as embellishments on my cards, and some printed squares for teabag folding, which I think I might have a go at.  Instructions can be found on the CC blog.

Finally, as part of this kit is a mini blackboard peg.  I need to find somewhere to peg it, and then I will put it to use.

For those who also received Box 14, the feathers for the dreamcatcher kit finally arrived, so I also need to get on with making that now too.  Busy, busy, busy, as always.  

I shall try to get on with my projects from this box and keep you updated.

Happy Crafting!


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