Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Flower Clips

Sooo, following on from my beaded flower post, originally made from my Crafty Creatives 13 box, I decided to make some more.

I ordered some beads and barrettes from good old ebay and when my barrettes finally arrived (they were coming from Hong Kong, so took a while), I decided to start making.

I followed the same technique, but made them a little smaller.  The beads I had ordered were the next size up from the beads that came in my Crafty Creatives box (my fault - I ordered the wrong size), but they still worked well I think.

I made a pink flower and a yellow flower.  Once made, I used a glue gun (only sticking my fingers together once - very proud) to attach the finished flower to the barrette.

These are now available in my Etsy shop and I have some more coloured beads, including those that came in the Crafty Creatives box, so more colours will be available soon, just as soon as I find time to sit down and make.

Happy Crafting!



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