Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: Homemaker - Issue 10

Sooo, my Homemaker Mag was a little late this month due to the bank holiday, so it didn't arrive until Saturday, which kind of ruined my good intentions of having my review up on the blog and ready for Friday when this issue hit the shops.  Never mind eh?  It is here now, and it was worth the wait I think. 

Not only did it come with a cute fox print notebook (which the hubby seems  to have commandeered) but it also has a fair few projects that I really must make time to try out.  Of course, making enough time to do all the projects I want to do may involve giving up work, but if that's what it takes I might just be willing to do that.  I'm sure they owe me a full week in the extra hours I have done recently.

Anyway, shall we move on . . . 

This issue has a slight Halloween theme going on with Steampunk Fimo 'Petrifying Pumpkins' and perfect pumpkin carving.

It is also a 'cosy' issue, with mug hugs, an armchair throw and paper lanterns.

There are also some great handwarmers, which I think I will be making for every member of my family for Christmas, as we all always have cold hands.  As the saying goes . . . Cold hands, Warm heart! So we all like to think that at least we have warm hearts, even if the rest of our body is freezing.

Bonfire night also makes an appearance this issue, with toffee apples and fireworks bunting.

I was really interested in Linda Barker's How To Create Frosted Glass.  After reading this, I really want to have a go at decorating some wine glasses with etching cream.  I am thinking these would make a great Christmas present for some of my more sophisticated family and friends.

Christmas also makes an early appearance this issue with a nordic teacosy, which is enough to make me re-consider this learning to knit thing as I really want one.  For those wanting a quicker project, there is also some knitted baubles.

The feature on Lloyd Loom was really interesting to read - I never knew there was so much history to the furniture.  I also now really want a chair.  I think it would look amazing in my bedroom, for which I have been wanting a little casual chair or armchair for ages  Maybe my search has now become a little more focused.  The cushion in the refurbishment project could easily be adapted to other chair styles.

Food does not disappoint this issue, with pumpkin pie, chocolate pots de creme, cornish saffron cake and macaroons - all recipes I want to try

Other projects and features this issue include:

  • Wayne Hemingway champions all that is Made in Britain
  • Monochromatic chest of drawers
  • Feature on mother, designer and businesswoman, Thea Musselwhite
  • Five ways with rulers
  • Scheduler frame
  • Expert advice on vintage typewriters from Janine Wangool
  • DIY typewriter art
  • Calligraphy
  • Vintage tapestry footstool
  • Drawstring bag
  • Wash cloths
  • The winner of the writing competition is announced, with the winning entry
  • Interview with Pixieland creator, Claire Maraldo
  • Marbling

The next issue is out on 27th September and will get you started on your Christmas crafting.

Happy Crafting!


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