Friday, 27 September 2013

Review: Homemaker - Issue 11

Soooo, this is the Christmas special, with lots of lovely Christmas goodies.  It also comes with a Christmas bunting kit, which I shall be taking to work to decorate my pod with, as it is the wrong colour for my decorations at home, but perfect for work.

It didn't seem to take me too long to read through this issue.  Not sure if it is shorter, or if there are less wordy pieces, but I seem to have got through it really quickly.  That quickly in fact that I can have this post ready for when the magazine hits the shops.  

Despite the speedy reading, there are loads of projects that I love in this issue.  

My favourite has to be (and this is something that I will most definitely be making next time I get my sewing machine out) the hot water bottle cover made from an old jumper.  I am now raiding everyone else's wardrobes for jumpers and I think I may go raid a few charity shops - you know what everyone is getting for Christmas now.  There is even a little potted history of the hot water bottle, which appeals to the (rather large) history geek that can be found within me.

I also love the doily projects - not making doilies, but what you can do with them.  I think the doily bowls have to be my favourite.  In fact, I can feel a project coming on.  Now, to collect lace doilies . . . 

I enjoyed reading the piece on Claire Gage and her wonderful ceramics.  I simply adore the textile looks she gives to her ceramics.  On first glance at one of her cups, I actually thought that the cup was knitted.

There is an amazing gingerbread house, with it's roof still on.  When my sisters made a gingerbread house a couple of years ago, they loaded the roof with so many sweets that it couldn't take the weight and collapsed.  No problem to us - we just ate it.  Lesson learned - use lightweight sweets to decorate the roof of your gingerbread house.

I think the posca pen decorated tea-set is really sweet.  This has given me an idea for a present to send to my sister, who is currently stationed abroad at the moment and has requested Yorkshire Tea to be sent, as apparently she can't get that where she is.  I think a cute little tea pot and cup set will go very well with her Yorkshire Tea.

Other projects and features include:

  • set the scene for Christmas with sage and cinnamon-themes decorations, gift wrap and table settings
  • Wayne Hemmingway comments on the new, social media-driven business tact that's sweeping the world
  • Kirstie Allsop had lino cutting ideas
  • Linda Barker had hints and tips for painting your front door
  • Wooden Christmas stockings
  • Gregg Wallace has a Christmas pudding recipe
  • Display shadow box for your little Christmas ornaments
  • spruce up your dining chairs
  • stitch a patchwork throw for those cool winter nights
  • Eric Lanlard has some yummy looking mince pies (of I can't wait for my first mince pie of the year)
  • Fiona Cairns has some Christmas Wreath Eclairs - a different take on the chocolate eclair
  • advice on how to marzipan a cake, together with how to make your own marzipan.  I'm inclined to agree with Mary Berry though (at least I think it was her) who said that life is too short to make your own marzipan
  • jam jar snowglobes
  • tea towel apron
  • Christmas foliage and floristry
  • Christmas stocking

The next issue is out on 25th October.  I will be on my holidays then, so will have to wait until I get back to read and review my copy.

Happy Crafting!


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