Friday, 20 September 2013

Review: Papercrafter - Issue 65

Sooo, my copy of Papercrafter arrived a couple of days early this month, but before I could sit down and enjoy reading it, I had a mountain of ironing to get through.  Needless to say, the ironing only half got done, with the rest left for another day - I just couldn't take anymore, I was already in a bad mood and the last thing I needed was to spend hours stood doing the ironing.  What I needed to be doing was lounging on the sofa reading a magazine.

Anyway, enough moaning (the ironing is still waiting to be finished by the way), this issue is the Christmas special, with lots and lots of ideas for Christmas and a great Christmas kit, including:
  • Card blanks
  • Shaped blanks
  • Tag blanks
  • Pretty Christmas papers (which I shall be putting to use this weekend - I plan a crafting weekend, lets see if it actually happens)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Christmas Stamps
  • Little Wooden Robins (so cute)
  • Diecuts and chipboards
  • Boxes (I intend to use as templates to make loads more).
The Papercrafter Showcase has some lovely cards made using the kit, some gift boxes and some paper trees, which I think would be a great project to do with the nieces nearer Christmas.  When I was babysitting at the weekend, they both asked if they could come stay 'on their own' to do some Christmas making.  I couldn't say no really could I?  There are also some pom poms and concertina decorations.

I think I shall be partaking in making some the tags from the Fun, Festive Card n Tags feature.  I know what I am doing for my gift wrap this year, but I had been wondering what to do with my tags.  Now I have some ideas, and some tags!  There are also some lovely card ideas in this feature.  I adore the simplicity of the Mr Robin Redbreast and Bearing Gifts cards.

There are also some amazing tags and cards in Sophisticated Stamps.  I love the technique used to make the Bauble Bright card (inking) and can't wait to try this out at the weekend.

I love love love the Snow Scene card in Winter Celebration Makes, apparently made using a Sizzix Winter Moments die and embossing collection.  So, off I toddled to the Sizzix website to see how much this was and to print out millions of times to stick all over the house as a small and subtle hint to the hubby that I might quite like him to buy me this.  Alas, I couldn't find it on the website.  If anyone can find a link, please will they comment with it below so that I can put my master plan into action.  I-Thank-You.

Glorious Gifting Ideas has some lovely parecl embellishments, which I shall be taking inspiration from, because, as in this project, my current plan is to use brown parcel paper to wrap my presents, and then 'bling' them up in some way.  My presents will be so prettily wrapped that no-one will want to open them as they won't be able to bear wrecking the wrapping.

Gift Boxes and Tags also has some ideas along similar lines, as does Crafter's Guide to Gift Wrapping.

Other projects include:
  • An Advent Calendar
  • Window cards
  • Layered cards in Marvellous Motifs
  • Tissue Tassel Garland
  • Honeycomb Globes
  • Christmas Paper Wreath
Giveaways this issue are:
  • Razzle Dazzle Rose goodies
  • hand cream from Udderly Smooth
  • Docrafts Christmas goodies
  • Wax Seal Kits from Stamps Direct
  • Ribbons from Berisfords
  • Sizzix Big Shot
Next month's issue is out on 25th October with the usual kit.

Happy Crafting!


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