Friday, 13 September 2013

Review: Sew Magazine

Soooo, the new issue of Sew came through the letter box on Wednesday, and I immediately sat down to read it, and then finished reading it on Thursday morning on the bus to work.  I was so absorbed in it, I even managed to totally ignore the two annoying lads that get the bus to collage and talk total rubbish very loudly throughout the whole 40-60 minute journey (depending on the traffic).  So, for this Sew, I thank you.

Anyway, enough of sounding like an old moaning Granny, let's move onto the magazine, which this month comes with a free Simplicity pattern with which to make pretty embroidered Christmas stockings and a gorgeous garland.  I'm not really one for embroidery, but I think that the pattern basics could come in very useful for making non-embroidered versions.

The magazine also has a downloadable pattern for a gorgeous wrap dress.  I won't be making this for myself, as it is not my style, but I do have a big sister who seems to love the wrap-around style, so if she asks nicely, I may make one for her.  I do like the three-quarter sleeves though, so maybe I should re-think what my style is.  I suppose if it were to fit properly (unlike the wrap dresses I buy in the shops due to my curvyness,)I may be able to get over my fear of wrap dresses and the dreaded gape.

I will be certainly marking and keeping 'Material Matters'.  I think this rundown of the fabrics available, with their properties and alternatives will prove very very useful in future.

With Halloween approaching and costume-making coming to the forefront of our minds, Dressmaking SOS' focus on costume making will prove very helpful.  There is advice on how to sew embellished fabrics, make a balaclava (for Spiderman) and making sure the costumes can be used again and again.  I would love to get into costume making and have put my name forward for our local pantomime to assist, but haven't heard anything yet, so I am guessing it is a no.  If anyone knows where I would start with volunteering for local amateur productions, I would be grateful for your assistance and advice.

I adore the little Trio of Elves and think that these would make an amazing Christmas decoration, stood on a mantlepiece.  Unfortunately, I don't have a mantlepiece at the moment, but I already have plans to make these for next Christmas, when, hopefully, I will be in a new house, with a pretty mantlepiece in my living room.  The style of these little elves mean that they would suit a modern house, and older, more traditional, house and style alike.

Other projects this issue include:

  • patch pocket skirt
  • pumpkin costume
  • clutch bag made from self-printed fabric
  • patchwork project bag
  • Liberty throw
  • pinwheel quilt
  • plaited rag rug
  • embroidered leaf cushions
  • kitchen set
  • embroidered tapas napkins
  • bunny, mouse and cat bags
  • upcycled gingerbread man Christmas decoration

Tutorials include:

  • How to turn a vintage dress in to a skirt
  • How to make a basic dress
  • How to line a wicker basket

Giveaways this issue include:

  • Singer 3232 sewing machine
  • Melody Maison vouchers
  • Seams hand cream
  • Groves and Banks mega bundle 

The next issue is out on  11th October  and comes with a gorgeous shift dress pattern, which I can't wait to get my hands on and get creating with.  I have also seen one or two other projects in the preview which I want to try.  I am now waiting very impatiently.  I'll just have to keep myself busy with some projects from this issue.

Happy Crafting!


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