Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sea Goddess

Soooo, I can finally share with you the reason I have been so busy recently.

Tonight, I sat and finished the dress I have been making for my big sister.  It is made using a Burda pattern, which can be found here, and which I fell in love with on first sight of it in the magazine.   I was originally going to make it for myself for my holidays, but my sister, Kay, asked me to make one for her first.  And here is the finished article:

After one hell of a search for some shimmery chiffon, known as iridescent chiffon or cationic chiffon, without it costing a fortune, my sister managed to track some down on eBay.  The shimmer on the fabric is gorgeous and the photos do not do it justice.
The chiffon is backed by some gold satin.

The finish is gorgeous, but it is debatable whether the stress caused trying to cut out the fabrics was worth it.  The chiffon certainly had a mind of its own and it was like trying to work with water.  The air in my living room (the only room big enough to lay the fabric out in) was blue
with my cursing.

Once the fabric was cut out however, it was pretty plain sailing.

The two fabrics were basted together so that they could be treated as one piece.  This is time consuming, but definitely worth the time, as it makes putting the dress together so much easier than if I had had to work with each separately.  I know that my step-mother (non-wicked) was concerned when she heard what the dress was like.

The right shoulder has pleats in it to create the lovely gathered look.  The same is true of the detail at the waist at the top of the split.  Looks really effective, but is actually really simple to do.  

After adding these details, it really is just a case of sewing up the seams. 

I struggled a little with the shoulders, as these needed to be done differently, and maybe I had made my shoulders too narrow, but I just couldn't manage it.  After a couple of attempts, I gave up and hand sewed these together at the end.

It is fastened by an invisible zip at the side.

I encountered another problem with the dress didn't actually fit my sister - this will teach me  to measure people properly instead of listening to them insisting that they are a certain size!!  Never mind.  I ended up solving the problem by putting a panel in each side under the arm.  Ideally, I would have recut the back sections, but I didn't have enough fabric left.

The hems were finished separately with a small zig zag stitch, so that it is all floaty-like.  This was really simple, if a bit time consuming.

My sister is wearing the dress for a big party with her work this weekend.  Fingers crossed it still fits and she loves it.  I certainly like it and other than the slight stresses I really enjoyed making it, especially because I did most of my sewing on a night and under the spotlamp I use  to sew, the shimmer looked amazing.  I think it is going to look fabulous at the party.  In fact, the only person that will be able to outshine the big sis in this dress is the little sis who is going with her (I have to babysit - still not figured out how that one worked!), as the little sis always outshines everyone . . . 

Right, on to the next project . . .

Happy Crafting!


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