Monday, 2 September 2013

Two Hearts

Soooo, no, I shall not be breaking into a Phil Collins rendition (unless you really want me to, but I would generally advise against asking me to sing - trust me on this).  Instead, I actually want to share with you two heart products I have made recently, both of which are now available in my Etsy shop.

I've kind of missed the season for my first product, as wedding season is nearly over:

I had been intending on making these all summer but never quite got around to it.  I was inspired by a similar product that my Pops and Step-Mother (non-wicked) bought me for my wedding back in December.

These little hearts are made from polymer clay, cut into a heart shape, stamped with 'mr and mrs' and baked until hard.  They are then strung with some twine for a rustic look.  How sweet are they, and perfect as a little wedding present, especially as I am retailing them for only £2.75.

Just a quick note on this one - the polymer clay is actually glittery, which shows up much better in this picture, which I took under a spotlight at night:

The 'mr and mrs' can be stamped in any colour, but I think the black looks the best.

From the same polymer clay, and in the same crafting session, I also made this present for my friend's little girls' Christening, which is this coming Sunday (it's OK - my friend has already seen it):

I was originally inspired for this one by the present I made for a Christening earlier in the year (the post can be found here), but I wanted to do something a bit different and improve on it if I could.

This one was made from two polymer clay hearts, tied together with satin ribbon once baked.

The top heart is stamped with the name (I love Pippa as a name) and the bottom heart with 'on your Christening'.  These can be done in blue or this gorgeous hot pink, or even done in a neutral colour if required.

After baking, I decorated with coordinating gems.  Simple, but effective I think.

These are also available in the Etsy shop, retailing at £5.50.

Happy Crafting!


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